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'A servant's Faith is incomplete until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself, and until he fears Allah both in times of jesting as well as seriousness.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Ibid. no. 106

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110 People of the book in today's society When talking about 'people of the book', are the modern day Christians and Jews still equal as Ahle Kitab? Ie. Has their faith changed too much*
163 how to explain Allah to Christians? How can we explain the divinity and oneness of Allah to our Christian friends, what practical example can we use to demonstrate that God does not form into man and dies and etc.
205 the state of humanity My question is by no means an attempt to attack Islam or your feelings. If in any way it does so, I ask from you and our Creator pardon and mercy. I fail to understand, with the very little knowledge of Islam, (but with this much that the Muslims have always in their mandated ritual prayers, five times a day and more, asked Allah to grant their revered Prophet Muhammad and his progeny the same kind of peace and prosperity as was granted to Abraham and his progeny), could the Muslims of the time of Hussain who had followed the orders of Caliph Yazid Ibn Mu'awiyyeh had the heart to keep their Prophet Muhammad's own maternal grandson and his family thirsty till the battle ended and mercilessly kill that grandson and his kin and his thirsty six months old infant son? How could they mutilate that slain grandson's corpse by trampling it under running horses' hooves and let it remain for feeding by vultures? Why were not Hussain's remains buried according to Islamic rites by his killers who prayed five times a day to Allah and sent their salutes and good wishes to Muhammad the grandfather of Hussain? We Indians have buried the remains of our enemy Pakistani Muslim soldiers with Islamic rites by our Muslim soldiers when they were abandoned by the retreating Pakistani army at Kargil. There is a belief which you cherish is that all non believers of Islam no matter how righteously they live, will suffer in hell permanently after the Day of Reckoning. How much do you think the acts of these barbaric killers of Hussain will encourage the belief in us the non Muslims, that once we accept Islam, and we repeat that same ugly inhuman acts as those Muslims of the time of your Prophet's grandson shall get away with it in the afterworld because we had become Muslims? If accepting Islam can lead to this barbarism, we are better in this world without accepting it. As for the afterworld, well Allah is Rahmaanir Raheem and creator of all mankind from one man and his only woman! Thanks.
314 building non-Muslim places of worship in Arabia Recently i have been told that non muslims cannot live and build their places of worship in mecca and medina and why?
433 counter arguments What is the ruling on saying salam or replying to it with respect to the People of the Book, or others amongst the unbelievers?

Is it allowed to congratulate them on some of their special occasions like Christmas and the like?
465 coverting to Islam Asalaam Alaaykum

I was writing with a man thinking of converting to Islam. He was born Christian and so he was circumcised but later decided to have it restored.

Now he is asking for more information about Islam and circumsion; i.e. is it required or sunnah in Islam and more importantly he wants to know why and what it signifies using any reference you have available.

Thank you
572 How can God exist when ... There are various types of unpleasant events happening in the world. As a result of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and so forth, hundreds and thousands of people die every year. A variety of diseases, calamities, plagues, droughts etc. kill many human beings as well as animals and plants. Many deformed children are born every day who will suffer throughout their entire life. Many criminals are freely committing different types of crimes and no-one stops them. Millions of innocent people were killed during the 1st and the 2nd World Wars, as they are still being killed in different parts of the world.

The question now is, how can the knowledgeable and Merciful God let all these disasters happen? Given all these and many such catastrophes of life, how can we assert that God is Just?!
781 Jesus death Assalaamu alaikum Brother Ammar!

Would you please explain me in detail the verse of QURAN 4: 159 where it states " There is not one of the people of the Book who will not believe in him(jesus) before he dies; and on the Day of Rising he will be a witness against them".
905 Interfaith Marriage My Sister got married to a Roman Catholic in 2010. They did not have a nikkah instead they had a church ceremony. Non of my family members attended the ceremony as we were not in favour of this marriage. My sister was determined to go ahead with it and she took her own decision. She is qualified and works. Until now she practices ISLAM and her husband practices his religion, but he is not a strong catholic but his mom is. we have advised both to come into a conclusion and to him to embrace Islam to do a nikkah, but so far nothing has happened. They live at his place. I need to know a fatwa for these type of marriages and please let me know what happens if my sister gets pregnant?? how best can we make him convert to Islam? This issue has made the family distant with her. my dad passed away long time and my mom is in contact with my sis. but my mom never gave her consent or blessings for her marriage.
My sister is very kind hearted, ready to help and will do anything for us. Only bad thing she did is marrying a non - muslim according to her wish. we need her back to our family! please help.
910 Awaiting a response for a long Salaams, Why do we have to wait for a long time for an answer?? taking a minimum of 7 days is fine.. but answers are pending for a long time?? Need an urgent response for Question on interfaith marriage #905.

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