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'Lying is the wrecker of faith.'

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 72, p. 247, no. 8

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100 Praying open hands to close hands Did the Prophet Muhammad pray open or close hands, and when did this division take place?
105 Shia view on Taraweeh what is the Shia view on teravi? Is it considered haram to participate in teravim or is it just not recommended?
116 brushing teeth during fasting How can i explain brushing my teeth during fasting to our brothers from the Sunni school of thought?
140 different Adhan in Shia and Sunni Why do the Shia and the Sunni schools recite the adhaan differently, when did this division come into play?
204 misc enquiry Assalamuiliekum Wa rohmatolahi wa barkartu,

May peace and blessings be upon you always.

Hello my name is Faruq. I am a Muslim revert from Australia who now lives in Indonesia with my wife.

I have some questions about Shia Islam that I hope you can answer for me.

So far I have been following Islam mainly according to the Maliki school of fiqh. Which although uncommon I feel Imam Maliks rulings make the most sense for me.

I have however always believed in the complete unification of this Ummah because from what I have read it is what the prophet Muhammad wanted from us, to be unified. Thus I have always kept communication open to all Islamic groups and mixed freely with them all, including Shia.

Now in Indonesia I have no Shia friends like I used to have in Australia. There are some questions though that have resurfaced for me recently through listening to some of Prof. Hussanain's lectures on Tauweed.

1. Shia follow 12 imams after the Prophet and the Sahaabat. Do these imams introduce new aspects to Islam or new Dalal outside what we received from the first generation of Muslims who accepted the original message? Or can they be compared to the four Imams of the major mazhabs in Islam?

2. Do all Shia practice self mutilation? Is this a practice from the 12 Imams or because of cultural spiritualisim (like sufisim)?

3. Is there disagreement amongst Shia scholars on the permissibility of Muta'ah/Temporary Marriage?

I hope you can answer my questions and my sincere hope is that my questions can bring me closer to my Shia brothers in Islam for Allah has made us all brothers in faith and we should honour this always.

Wassalamuiliekum wa rohmatolahi wa barakartu,
252 insulting personalities What is your view of what is found in media (satellite TV canals and internet) that is explicit insult and disgrace towards the wives of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S.W.A) using offensive language against her and charging her with things that throw her chastity and honor as a wife of the Nobel Prophet Muhammad (S.W.A) into question?

It goes without saying that these behaviors have created great troubles within the Islamic Ummah and put the Muslims, especially the followers of Ahl al-Bayt (a.), in a state of stress.
286 combing of prayers by the Shia Why do Shiites combine their prayers? Is it permissible to do so?
313 Is Ali higher status then Prophets? Why do Shia believe that Imams(AS) are superior to all prophets except our last prophetSAW???

Can you prove from Quran and Sunni Hadeeths??
396 Imam Ali being superior - how Why do Shia believe that Imams(AS) are superior to all prophets except our last prophetSAW???Can you prove from Quran and Sunni Hadeeths??
403 different Shia Schools of Thought Salaam 'Alaykum,

I have heard that there are two schools of thought in relation to Taqlid - The Akhbari School and the Usooli School of thought. Can you please explain each in detail, including the history of each and what our Mujtahideen's opionion is on each of these.

Thank You
461 discussion discource I was having a discussion with a Sunni sister yesterday and I told her the Shia Ithna Asheri definition of a "kaafir".. such like.. a kaafir's sweat is najis for us .. a kaafir's cooked food is najis for us. She was pretty apalled at my words.. and told me that since Allah S.W.T. Has Created us all clean and pure, how is it possible that we can be so unclean to one another, based on our beliefs, whatever they may be. I told her the treatment we extend to kaafirs is synonymous with the treatment we extend towards dogs... but I know that I was limited in my knowledge to adequately satisfy her..and that's why I need help to explain this issue to her.. and please, if I fell short when explaining to her, do tell me.
470 explaing matam to Sunni Salaam i was just wondering,how to explane to sunni muslims about doing matam? I mean alot of sunni muslims have said that in Nahjol balagha imam ali says that if you hit yourself all your good deeds will go away. So is there any hadith or anything we can say to make them beleive why we do matam?
488 Was Prophet Muhammad martyred According to shia sect, Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) was martyred?
866 Um Kalthoom Salamu Alaykum,

Sunni scholars attempt to downplay the Shia faith and their beliefs by insisting that Imam Ali (a.s) had married his daughter to Umar ibn al Khattab. They insist that this proves the piety and faithfulness of Umar since a man like Imam Ali (a.s) agreed to hand his daughter in marriage to him. Is this a true event or is it fabricated. I have read some literature suggesting that Umar was married to a different Um Kalthum. Can you please explain the matter from the Shia Faith under the guidance of the true scholars of Islam. If it is true, what would be the logical reasoning of Imam Ali (a.s) behind it?
1043 Website What school of thought does this website follow?
1073 clarification am ibrahhim
my question is about the terms used by your web users, i saw the quote {AS} infront of some names like ALI while others like ABUBAKAR you dont? is it a religious believe why you do so or a typing mistake? if it is a religious believe what supportive evidence do you have?
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