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'When a believer suspects his fellow brother, his faith disappears from his heart like salt disappears in water.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 361, no. 1

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1256 Prayer Times Calculations Asslam Alaymom,

I would like to ask about the most accurate parameters to use to get correct prayer times?

I am using the API from:

it's asking for:


What data I should enter to get Shia prayer times closed to the timing on your website?

What If I am making an app and I want it to automatically show the prayer times for the user wherever they are then what degree I should use for all?

1282 amount of suras in rukat Salam brothers i have an important question on salat.

Can i recite more then 2 suras in one rakat?

ex: sura al hamd , sura al ikhlas, sura al fajr

And is there a limit to the amount of Suras i can recite? I have found no satisfying answer on google, so i ask you kindly For the legitimate rule from Shia scholars as you guys may have a response or connection to any that can respond to me. Thank you and may allah bless Muhammadin and his holy progeny

also, is there a difference in saying Muhammad or Muhammadin in the salawat on him and his family? Would either or make the other invalid?
thank you once again.
1286 The issue of Tesbih(Rosary) Are the use of Tesbih(Rosaries) allowed in islam?, I do use them and a friend told me that they are not allowed in Islam. I want to know why they are not allowed because I always think they just for counting
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