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'Satan said, 'I have destroyed them with sins and they have destroyed me with their seeking for forgiveness from Allah, so when I saw this , I destroyed them with their own desire, so they think that they are guided and they do not seek forgiveness.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
al-Targhib wa al-Tarhib, v. 1, p. 87, no. 13

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111 Friday prayers with Sunni brothers Can we pray Friday prayers with brothers from a different school of thought, and if so, what's the ruling according to Ayatollah Sistani?
113 prayer leader is unjust, allowed? During congressional prayers I am aware of the impious and impurities of the prayer leader, what should I do in these situations?
128 women leading prayers Why is it that women can't lead prayers normally, and are women allowed to lead when its only females?
155 missed salahs What is the ruling on missed salahs? Can you combine them?
182 reciting aloud during namaz Why in our fajr, maghrib and isha prayers do we recite aloud?
Can you please provide a contemporary answer, thanks
210 traveller performing Friday prayer Salaam,
When I am a traveller and doing shortened prayers, can I still perform Friday prayers?
233 praying behind Sunni imam Is it permissible to offer congregational prayers behind a Sunni prayer leader?
255 rule of shortening prayers If, on a travel, a person offers shortened prayer at its due time and then they return home before its time expires, should they repeat it in its full form?
262 missing an ayah during salah Assuming one unintentionally misses out reciting a verse from the prayers chapter, what will the ruling be?
292 cat's hair on cloths/body What is your ruling about cat's hair on a person's dress during salat?
331 salat vs jihad If a scenario occurs between jihad and Salat and only one can be performed, which one should be done?
373 Friday prayers and Zohr link? Does performing Friday (jumuah) prayer compensate for noon (zuhr) prayer or not?
Is Friday prayer superior to the noon prayer?
374 praying behind unjust Imam Can I follow a prayer leader, if I do not know that he is Adil, and what makes one Adil / Just?
376 Praying with leather product If I pray with a leather belt or a wallet made from leather of a mayta and realize it during the salat or after finishing it but before the end of its time span or after the ending of its time span-what would become of that prayer?
387 Salatul Layl before midnight Can I offer Salatul Layl before midnight?
395 praying mustahab for deceased? Salam...can i perform the namaz e ashura for my father who is dead... Thanks..
401 praying 5 vs 3 times daily why do the shia people pray the 5 daily prayer in 3 times instead of 5 separate times? i was told that the elderly people can't do the ouzoo 5 times because its hard for them to go to the bathroom so that's why they pray the five daily prayer in 3 times to make it easy for them. please answer the the question from the Quran and authentic hadis thanks.
402 praying with open hands and closed hands why do the shia pray with their hands by their side and why do the sunnis pray with there hands on their belly's?
which one is right?
answer the question with the Quran and authentic hadis thank you.
406 Fatwas of Ayatollah Sistani Salamun 'alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

I shall be grateful if you will kindly get me the answers to the following 4 question according to the Fatawa of Ayatullah Al-Uzma Sayyid Ali al-Husaini al-Sistani Dama-Dhilluhu.

Iltimase Du'a.
Ending with Salaams and Du'as.

If a person joins the Imam at the time of Ruku, and participates in Ruku of the Imam, his prayer is in order, even if the Zikr by the Imam may have come to an end. It will be treated as one Rak’at. However, if he goes to Ruku and misses the Imam’s Ruku, he can complete his prayers as Furada.


However, if he goes to Ruku and misses the Imam’s Ruku, he can complete his prayers as Furada.

Am I correct to understand that since he has already gone to Ruku he will continue his Furada prayer from Ruku and it will be counted as his first Rak’at though he did not recite the Qir’at (Surah Al-Hamd and other Surah of the Holy Qur’an).

If a person joins the Imam when he is in Ruku, but before he bows to Ruku, the Imam raises his head from his Ruku, that person has a choice either to complete his prayers as Furada, or to continue with the Imam up to Sajdah, with the Niyyah of Qurbat. Then when he stands, he can do Takbir other than Takbiratul Ihram, as a general Zikr, and continue with the congregation.


If he decides to complete his prayer as Furada, am I correct to understand that since it was before he bows to Ruku (or was in the process of bowing for Ruku but did not reach the level of Ruku), he must recite Qir’at (Surah Al-Hamd and other Surah of the Holy Qur’an) to continue his prayer as Furada.

A Pesh-Imam leading Jumu’ah Prayer made an error, i.e. did two Ruku in one Rak’at or his Wudhu was broken, etc. which resulted in the Jumu’ah prayer becoming invalid.

Under the above circumstances:

Qa]Can he lead Salatul Jumu’ah again? Can the Salatul Jumu’ah be prayed again?

Qb] If the answer is “No”, then Zuhr prayers will have to be prayed with Wajib Niyyah in which case can the Zuhr Salat be prayed in congregation?

The starting of Khutbah of Jumu’ah was delayed for more than 10-15 minutes because of the lack of presence of 5 Mu'mineen including the Imam or the Imam was late in arriving.

As I understand, according to the ruling of Ayatullah Al-Sistani Dama-Dhilluhu, if the starting of Khutba is delayed for more than 10-15 minutes, while Salatul Jumuah can be prayed, it will not be sufficient and Zuhr prayer will have to be prayed with a wajib niyyah.

Under the above circumstances explained, can the Zuhr Salat be prayed in congregation?
412 Praying before the schedule time Salaam,
Can we pray earlier then the schedule, and or is there circumstances when we can pray earlier?
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