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'Poverty is the greater death.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Balagha, Saying 319

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1128 Urine If I think urine has splashed on my body, what should I do? Every time I use the restroom I feel like urine splashed back
1156 Tahir or Najis In normal day sometime I found some little bit of dry white thing on my underwear and I know that it is not a dry skin then what it will be najis or tahir?
If it is najis then what kind of najis Mani,maji or wadi?
Can I do salat at that time without change the cloth?
1194 Purity Assalam O Alaikum. Allah recently guided me to righteous path. I
was an undutiful muslim. My question is about impurity. You know that if some
impurity touches to your clother Or other thing then you have to wash. When I
was not practicing Islam properly, I used to not to wash my penis with water
after using toilet. Also, I not used to remove semen from my clothes after
wet dream. When my those impure clothes used to wash with pure clothes in
washing machine then obviously those clothes also used to became impure. Now
what is the solution to purify all clothes. There are a lot of clothes. When
those clothes touch another thing, then they could also cause that thing to
become impure. So, as a whole I believe that almost all thing in my house
have become impure. For example, after taking ghusl when I wear the impure clothes then everything that touches to my wet impure clothes including prayer mat will also become impure. How to purify all of my house, all the things in my house even electric switches because its very difficult to paak everything? I am in great depression regarding this matter.
1219 Are my clothes are impure. Assalaamualaikum,

The water inside the english toilet was contaminated with urine and stool i.e not yet flushed and it jumped out from inside it on to my body, walls and all around maybe due to tissue blocking.I have washed my body.

Now I am not sure whether this impure water splashed and came in contact with my clothes or not.I did not wash the clothes as it was not easy to do so. So are these clothes impure and the part of body which was wet and touched the clothes are also impure.
Note:(The PART OF MY BODY where the water splashed was quiet close to MY DRESS/CLOTHES and that is why I feel and doubt that mostly maybe even my dress also become impure.What should I do.

1247 OCD Salaam,

I have a question regarding najasat and purity.

So I've been suffering from OCD regarding najasat for quite a few months now, and it has reached a point where I am very much burdened by it due to it's progression. I've tried making myself familiar with the rulings regarding najassat and how it's transferred, made tahir, how when you doubt if something has become najas, to regard it as pure, etc etc. However it hasn't really helped to much, probably because I started to treat certain things as najas for a while now, so I can’t remember which thing was actually najis, and which I deemed najis simply due to my OCD. However, now I’m at a point where I feel as if almost everything in my house is najis, and it very difficult to shake this feeling. And I've researched about it, and practically speaking, it is easy to tell someone to just ignore it when you doubt if something is najis, but unfortunately, because like I mentioned, I didn't address my OCD early on, now I feel as if I'm convinced that almost everything in my house is najis, and it is definitely taking a toll on my spirituality, as I have become mentally tired from this feeling.

So I was wondering if you could tell me what the ruling would be in this kind of scenario because if I simply just say everything is tahir, what if I touched something with wet hands which is actually najis, would that cause my prayers to be void and spread the najassat further (keeping in mind that I am certain that something was najis in the past, which was eventually made tahir, however the issue is that I’m not sure if the najassat spread to other things because I handled that item with wet/moist hands.)

Also, one of my big headaches is regarding my house carpets, as I do think that the inside of one of my shoes became najis due to a drop of urine, however I forgot about it as this happened via transit at an airport. Then I wore that shoe for a while, sometimes to the gym, etc. Now I know for a fact that my feet have sweated whilst wearing the shoe, and afterwards when I came home, I walked on the carpets. So does this mean that my house’s carpets are najis? And if the carpets have become najis, can this najasat transfer to wet feet, as I do know that najasat cannot be transferred indefinitely? So if you can elaborate as to at what point najassat stops transferring even if that najis thing comes in contact with something pak. And if the carpet is najis, how can I clean the carpet, as I don’t know exactly where the carpets would be najis (as currently I practically treat my whole house’s carpet as najis). Would those deep cleaning vacuumed, which use water, be enough to clean it as it didn’t come into contact directly with urine? Also, I do know for a fact that there was a time when I know I wore that shoe and stepped on a wet section of my carpet, so is that area definitely najis?

So if you can please elaborate as to how I should address this issue (both with the OCD and regarding the carpets) I would greatly appreciate it as I’ve reached the point of agony regarding my OCD. I know that Islam is meant to make our lives easy, and is a beautiful religion, however this issue is really hindering me in every aspect of my life and has become a big burden.

Thank you so much!
1242 using mobile in toilet asalumu alaikum

what can be said about using of mobile phone in toilet during defecating
reading news and watching videos

i personally feel it as a bad habit but how to convince a person
1246 sweat due to masturbation Assalam o alaikum, I would like to inquire that if a person who has become in state of janabat due to masturbation , sweats during the ghusle janabat , example from the forehead after already washing the head and neck but some part of the body remains, is that sweat najis and is the ghusl valid?
also if for example someone sweats from the armpits when they have already been washed but the legs remain to be washed ? is the sweat najis and is the ghusl valid.
This is all for the case where the person has come in janabat by haram act of masturbation .
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