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'Know that you shall pass the Path [Sirat], its slippery way, its fearful slides and its intermittent horrors.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Baldgha, Sermon 83

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# Subject Question Status
117 ghusal duration How long should i normal ghusal take in the shower, for instances it takes me around 20mins just to take ghusal.
Is this normal, or what is the process of streamlining the ghusal process?
143 ghusal without water If there is no water available, can Ghusal be performed? if so, how?
219 forgetting to do ghusal janabat If I forget to do ghusl-e-janabat and then after four days, I remembered that I did not performghusl-e-janabat? What should I do?
220 Tartibi ghusal How is a Tartibi (sequential) ghusl done?
247 ghusal for women How does a women perform her ghusl?
295 rule regarding Ghusal If a person is doing Ghusl-e-Janabat Irtimasi, must he say "I perform Ghusl-e-Janabat Irtimasi" in his Niyah? If not, is, saying "I perform Ghusl-e-Janabat" enough?
334 rules about wudhu I have a question regarding wudhu. I heard that it is haram to wash the arms 3 times.
What if you did this in the past without knowing do you have to repeat those prayers?
338 touching during state of junub if i had ghusl janabat n my partner didnt so if i touched him or her then can i read namaaz or do i need to take ghusl again
380 entering state of junub When does a man or a woman get Jonub?
510 Entering junub not from penis, possible? I understand that a female enters the state of "Junub" after the penetration of her private parts.

Does she enter "Junub" if penetrated/stimulated by objects other than the penis?
557 Wudhu and Quran Assalam o Alaikum.

Wadhu is necessary for touching Quranic verses. My question is, what about touching quranic text which is being displayed on a TV/computer/mobile screen?

Can we touch these screens without wadhu? Kindly tell the fatwa of Ayatollah Sistani.
627 Ghusal What type of Ghusal is to be made by a women after her menstrual cycle? and how is it performed?
1042 Wudhu before Salah Assalamu Alaikum,
I wanted to know Sistani's ruling regarding wudhu before salah. Is it ok ifI make wudhu at home and pray a few hours later at uni.
Thank you! :)
1150 wuzu water to be overcomed When I am doing wuzu I wash the face and hands when I wash my face then my hands, my hand have already become wet because of washing my face when I put water on my hands to wash it is it necessary that the water completely overcome the water that had become wet (when washing my face)? Will my wuzu be valid if it didn’t and will I have to mention that it (the water when washing my face) is also part of the washing of hand?
710 water reaching to the head Is it true that while doing massa water it should not reach the water of the head or the wuzu will be broken?
726 ghusl in bath tub assalam-o-alaikum
regarding ghusal janabat, is it OK to first clean the najast, then do niyat of ghusal irtimasi & then submerg yourself in bathtub filled with water. does it matter that the bathtub water is kurr or not. if kurr water is requirement in such cases , then do you think keeping the tap water running during the submersion serve the purpose
745 oil Salam
If we have oil on our body or head, can we do wudhu on it, or do we have to remove the oil or wash our hair first before we do wudhu?
thank you
796 Wushu Pls I want yo know if wadi that is the liquid that comes after urine nullifies wudhu ?
859 wadhu of female salam alaikum, i want to know what is the difference between the wazu of male and female. thankyou.
893 two times ghusul? As' Salaamu Alaikum W B,

1.If a woman has wet dreams while in state of menstruating period,
Does it means have to do ghusul two times seperately for each?

2.If a woman had contact with her husband that needs ghusul while before before having had the ghusul for menstruation..does she need to ghusul two times seperately.

Thank you.
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