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'Better than life is that thing which if you lose it you become disgusted with life, and worse than Death is that thing which if it comes to you makes you love death.'

Imam Hasan ibn Ali al-Askari [as]
Ibid. no. 489

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The Holy Qur'an » The Holy Qur'an - English » AL-QIYAMA (THE RISING OF THE DEAD, RESURRECTION)

Total Verses: 40
Revealed At: MAKKA

YUSUFALI: I do call to witness the Resurrection Day;
PICKTHAL: Nay, I swear by the Day of Resurrection;
SHAKIR: Nay! I swear by the day of resurrection.

YUSUFALI: And I do call to witness the self-reproaching spirit: (Eschew Evil).
PICKTHAL: Nay, I swear by the accusing soul (that this Scripture is true).
SHAKIR: Nay! I swear by the self-accusing soul.

YUSUFALI: Does man think that We cannot assemble his bones?
PICKTHAL: Thinketh man that We shall not assemble his bones?
SHAKIR: Does man think that We shall not gather his bones?

YUSUFALI: Nay, We are able to put together in perfect order the very tips of his fingers.
PICKTHAL: Yea, verily. We are Able to restore his very fingers!
SHAKIR: Yea! We are able to make complete his very fingertips

YUSUFALI: But man wishes to do wrong (even) in the time in front of him.
PICKTHAL: But man would fain deny what is before him.
SHAKIR: Nay! man desires to give the lie to what is before him.

YUSUFALI: He questions: "When is the Day of Resurrection?"
PICKTHAL: He asketh: When will be this Day of Resurrection?
SHAKIR: He asks: When is the day of resurrection?

YUSUFALI: At length, when the sight is dazed,
PICKTHAL: But when sight is confounded
SHAKIR: So when the sight becomes dazed,

YUSUFALI: And the moon is buried in darkness.
PICKTHAL: And the moon is eclipsed
SHAKIR: And the moon becomes dark,

YUSUFALI: And the sun and moon are joined together,-
PICKTHAL: And sun and moon are united,
SHAKIR: And the sun and the moon are brought together,

YUSUFALI: That Day will Man say: "Where is the refuge?"
PICKTHAL: On that day man will cry: Whither to flee!
SHAKIR: Man shall say on that day: Whither to fly to?

YUSUFALI: By no means! No place of safety!
PICKTHAL: Alas! No refuge!
SHAKIR: By no means! there shall be no place of refuge!

YUSUFALI: Before thy Lord (alone), that Day will be the place of rest.
PICKTHAL: Unto thy Lord is the recourse that day.
SHAKIR: With your Lord alone shall on that day be the place of rest.

YUSUFALI: That Day will Man be told (all) that he put forward, and all that he put back.
PICKTHAL: On that day man is told the tale of that which he hath sent before and left behind.
SHAKIR: Man shall on that day be informed of what he sent before and (what he) put off.

YUSUFALI: Nay, man will be evidence against himself,
PICKTHAL: Oh, but man is a telling witness against himself,
SHAKIR: Nay! man is evidence against himself,

YUSUFALI: Even though he were to put up his excuses.
PICKTHAL: Although he tender his excuses.
SHAKIR: Though he puts forth his excuses.

YUSUFALI: Move not thy tongue concerning the (Qur'an) to make haste therewith.
PICKTHAL: Stir not thy tongue herewith to hasten it.
SHAKIR: Do not move your tongue with it to make haste with it,

YUSUFALI: It is for Us to collect it and to promulgate it:
PICKTHAL: Lo! upon Us (resteth) the putting together thereof and the reading thereof.
SHAKIR: Surely on Us (devolves) the collecting of it and the reciting of it.

YUSUFALI: But when We have promulgated it, follow thou its recital (as promulgated):
PICKTHAL: And when We read it, follow thou the reading;
SHAKIR: Therefore when We have recited it, follow its recitation.

YUSUFALI: Nay more, it is for Us to explain it (and make it clear):
PICKTHAL: Then lo! upon Us (resteth) the explanation thereof.
SHAKIR: Again on Us (devolves) the explaining of it.

YUSUFALI: Nay, (ye men!) but ye love the fleeting life,
PICKTHAL: Nay, but ye do love the fleeting Now
SHAKIR: Nay! But you love the present life,

YUSUFALI: And leave alone the Hereafter.
PICKTHAL: And neglect the Hereafter.
SHAKIR: And neglect the hereafter.

YUSUFALI: Some faces, that Day, will beam (in brightness and beauty);-
PICKTHAL: That day will faces be resplendent,
SHAKIR: (Some) faces on that day shall be bright,

YUSUFALI: Looking towards their Lord;
PICKTHAL: Looking toward their Lord;
SHAKIR: Looking to their Lord.

YUSUFALI: And some faces, that Day, will be sad and dismal,
PICKTHAL: And that day will other faces be despondent,
SHAKIR: And (other) faces on that day shall be gloomy,

YUSUFALI: In the thought that some back-breaking calamity was about to be inflicted on them;
PICKTHAL: Thou wilt know that some great disaster is about to fall on them.
SHAKIR: Knowing that there will be made to befall them some great calamity.

YUSUFALI: Yea, when (the soul) reaches to the collar-bone (in its exit),
PICKTHAL: Nay, but when the life cometh up to the throat
SHAKIR: Nay! When it comes up to the throat,

YUSUFALI: And there will be a cry, "Who is a magician (to restore him)?"
PICKTHAL: And men say: Where is the wizard (who can save him now)?
SHAKIR: And it is said: Who will be a magician?

YUSUFALI: And he will conclude that it was (the Time) of Parting;
PICKTHAL: And he knoweth that it is the parting;
SHAKIR: And he is sure that it is the (hour of) parting

YUSUFALI: And one leg will be joined with another:
PICKTHAL: And agony is heaped on agony;
SHAKIR: And affliction is combined with affliction;

YUSUFALI: That Day the Drive will be (all) to thy Lord!
PICKTHAL: Unto thy Lord that day will be the driving.
SHAKIR: To your Lord on that day shall be the driving.

YUSUFALI: So he gave nothing in charity, nor did he pray!-
PICKTHAL: For he neither trusted, nor prayed.
SHAKIR: So he did not accept the truth, nor did he pray,

YUSUFALI: But on the contrary, he rejected Truth and turned away!
PICKTHAL: But he denied and flouted.
SHAKIR: But called the truth a lie and turned back,

YUSUFALI: Then did he stalk to his family in full conceit!
PICKTHAL: Then went he to his folk with glee.
SHAKIR: Then he went to his followers, walking away in haughtiness.

YUSUFALI: Woe to thee, (O men!), yea, woe!
PICKTHAL: Nearer unto thee and nearer,
SHAKIR: Nearer to you (is destruction) and nearer,

YUSUFALI: Again, Woe to thee, (O men!), yea, woe!
PICKTHAL: Again nearer unto thee and nearer (is the doom).
SHAKIR: Again (consider how) nearer to you and nearer.

YUSUFALI: Does man think that he will be left uncontrolled, (without purpose)?
PICKTHAL: Thinketh man that he is to be left aimless?
SHAKIR: Does man think that he is to be left to wander without an aim?

YUSUFALI: Was he not a drop of sperm emitted (in lowly form)?
PICKTHAL: Was he not a drop of fluid which gushed forth?
SHAKIR: Was he not a small seed in the seminal elements,

YUSUFALI: Then did he become a leech-like clot; then did (Allah) make and fashion (him) in due proportion.
PICKTHAL: Then he became a clot; then (Allah) shaped and fashioned
SHAKIR: Then he was a clot of blood, so He created (him) then made (him) perfect.

YUSUFALI: And of him He made two sexes, male and female.
PICKTHAL: And made of him a pair, the male and female.
SHAKIR: Then He made of him two kinds, the male and the female.

YUSUFALI: Has not He, (the same), the power to give life to the dead?
PICKTHAL: Is not He (Who doeth so) Able to bring the dead to life?
SHAKIR: Is not He able to give life to the dead?

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