Pearl of Wisdom

?O Abu Dharr, gance in his heart will never smell the scent of Heaven unless he repents beforehand.' Abu Dharr asked, ?O Messenger of Allah, I am fond of beauty so much so that I wished that the handle of my cane and the lace of my sandal be beautiful. So, should I be afraid of this?' He said, 'How do you see your heart?' Abu Dharr said, 'I see it knowing the truth, and certain of it.' He (SAWA) said, 'That is not arrogance. Rather, arrogance is that you leave the truth and exceed beyond it. You look at people and you do not see their honour as being like your honour or their blood like yours.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Ibid. v. 77, p. 90, no. 3

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