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'There is no honour higher than piety.?

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Balagha, Saying 371

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"Surely He it is Who originates and reproduces, and He is the Forgiving, the Loving" (85:13-14).

Linguistically, the root word of this Attribute means: to return, to go back. We supplicate thus: "Lord! We plead to You to grant us a return to Your House," that is, to go back to the Ka`ba after having visited it or after having been there.

A man who is mu`eed is one who is knowledgeable of certain issues/topics, etc. Al-ma`d means: the Day of Judgment. According to one particular tradition, the Messenger of Allah has supplicated saying, "... and make my abode in the hereafter good, for to it shall I return." It is narrated that Gabriel asked the Messenger of Allah once, "O Muhammed!
Do you have a nostalgic feeling for your place of birth, to your homeland?!" He answered him in the affirmative, whereupon Gabriel quoted the Quranic verse saying, "Most surely He Who has made the Quran binding on you will bring you back to the destination" (Quran, 28:85).

Al-Mu`eed brings life back to the dead. He gathers all beings for the Judgment Day together, lifting the veils from them and rewarding or punishing them, each according to what he/she had said and done. He tries them about how they fared with the blessings He bestowed upon them.
Allah will cause all things (beings as well as inanimate objects) to come to naught, then He will bring them back again into existence: "Say: The One Who brought them into existence at first will give life [back] to them, and He is Cognizant of all creation" (Quran, 36:79).

We ought to return to Allah regarding everything, and we have to bear in mind that Allah created us when we were nothing at all; He determines our destiny.
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