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'Verily when Allah, Blessed and most High, will wish to deal with the believer's account, He will give him his book in his right hand and will then take him to account for all that is between him and Himself, and will say, my servant, you have committed such and such and have done such and such!' and he will reply, 'Yes, my Lord, I have done that.' And Allah will say, 'I have forgiven you for them and have transformed them into good deeds', so people will ask, 'Glory be to Allah, did this man not have a single evil deed?!' and this is the purport of Allah's verse: Then as for him who is given his record in his right hand, he shall soon receive an easy reckoning, and he will return to his folks joyfully. ?

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Zuhd li al-Husayn b. Sa'id, p. 92, no. 246

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"And whoever does evil or acts unjustly against his own soul then asks forgiveness of Allah, he shall find Allah Forgiving, Merciful" (Quran, 4:110).

The root word of "al-Wajid" is "Jidda," abundance and independence.

Al-Wajid is the most Knowing: "And [did He not] find you lost and guide you?" (Quran, 93:7); "... and there he finds Allah, so He pays him back his reckoning in full" (Quran, 24:39).

The phrase "he finds Allah" means "he finds out that Allah..." Al-Wajid has everything; He lacks nothing; He is never incapable of doing whatever He pleases. Al-Wajid is the One from Whose knowledge nothing at all escapes; He does not overlook anything at all.

He is the opposite of one who has lost everything. Al-Wajid lacks neither necessary things nor any of the requirements related to Divinity and its perfection; He is none but Allah, the Most Exalted One. In such sense, He, and He alone, is the Absolute al-Wajid. Anyone besides Him who may have some of the attributes of perfection while still lacking a few things is not called wajid at all.

Al-Wajid has with Him everything He wants and desires; He can affect His decree; He knows everything and He determines everything; He is capable of doing everything; nothing is beyond His reach or might; His status is Sublime. He is the Most Honored; His Might is the most perfect; He gives abundantly and generously.

The root word of this Attribute has many other meanings such as: finding out something through the power of the senses, the reaching of a point or a goal, the existence of something, the mental realization.
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