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'The Prophet (SAWA) was the best of people, the most generous of people, and the most courageous of people. The people of Madina became scared one night, and they ran towards the place that the noise was coming from, and the Prophet (SAWA) met them on his way back from there as he had preceded them to the noise, mounted on a barebacked horse belonging to Abu Tal a, and he had his sword hanging from his neck, saying, 'Why are you scared, don't be scared!'

Anas ibn Malik
Sahih Muslim, v. 4, p. 1802, no. 48

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"... the handiwork of Allah Who has made everything thoroughly" (Quran, 27:88).

The root word of this Attribute is "majd," a noun meaning glory and honors.

A man may be said to be majid if he has descended from parents known to have established a deeply rooted reputation of glory and honors. A majid person is very highly distinguished; he quite often showers others with his favors.

The Attribute "al-Majid" means absolute perfection and dazzling glory; He is Beautiful in His qualities and actions, Who treats His servants most graciously, most generously, manifesting His Greatness to them through the light of His compassion for them. Among our supplications is this one:

Lord! You are al-Majid al-Majid, the Doer of whatever pleases You! We plead to You to grant us security on the Promised Day; Glory to the One Who has been Gracious unto His servants through His Glory and Honors and is distinguished thereby! Glory to the One Who is Great, Whose Honor is Great, Whose Generosity is vast!

The Attribute "al-Majid" underscores the meaning of the Attribute "al-Wajid", thus stressing their common meaning of independence. Abu Tharr al-Ghifari, may Allah be pleased with him, has quoted the Messenger of Allah quoting, in turn, his Lord saying, "O servants of Mine! You are all sinners except those whom I have healed from sinning; therefore, seek My forgiveness so that I may forgive you by My might. Whoever among you comes to know that I am capable of forgiving, and he seeks My forgiveness, I shall forgive his sins and overlook them. You are all to perish except those whom I guide; therefore, seek My guidance so that I may guide you.

You are all poor except those whom I enrich; therefore, ask Me so that I may grant you sustenance. O servants of Mine! If the first of you and the last, whatever is moist with you and whatever is dry, the living among you and the dead, should ever unanimously become as pious as the most pious person among My servants, it will not increase My domain as much as the wing of a mosquito.

And if they all become as wretched as the worst wretch among My servants, it will not decrease My domain as much as the wing of a mosquito. If the first of you and the last, the moist with you and the dry, the living and the dead, were to ask Me, it will not decrease what is with Me in anything at all just as any of you may pass by a sea shore and immerse a needle therein then takes it out. This is so because I am al-Majid; I do whatever I please; My giving is only a word: Whenever I desire something, I say to it `Be!' and it is."

This Attribute instills in the hearts of the faithful the sincere desire to treat others with forgiveness, clemency, and patience. One should speak kindly to them, smile to them, and remove the dissension from among them. He should spend his wealth for the good of the poor, and he should be humble and kind to the weak among them. He should treat all people as though they were his own family members and brethren.
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