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'I guarantee you that the one who entertains nothing save satisfaction with Allah in his heart, has only to ask Allah and He will answer him.'

Imam Hasan ibn Ali al-Mujtaba [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 71, p. 159, no. 75

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"Say: He, Allah, is One. Allah is He on Whom all depend" (Quran, 112:1-2)

Al-Samad is an Attribute of Allah whose linguistic meanings include the following: the ultimate goal, the obeyed Master without Whose command nothing can happen, the Support of those who need to be supported, the One to Whom all matters are referred, the One to Whom all issues are rendered and regarding which nobody else decides, the One to Whom pleas are directed.

A-Samad is approached to grant the pleas and is pleaded to make wishes come true. He is the Master sought during the time of need. Arabs describe a household as Samad if people go there in the hope of fulfilling their worldly needs. God is the final destination, the ultimate goal. The one whom Allah enables to be sought to satisfy people's needs, particularly those relevant to their creed, as well as those of everyday life, the one who serves their interests by word and by means is truly one upon whom Allah has bestowed a great deal of goodness. It is goodness inspired by this Attribute.

Whoever recognizes Allah as the ever-Lasting Who never dies will turn away from the adornments of this fleeting life and will have no desire for its material things...

One of the good manners of a believer inspired by this Attribute is that he does not seek help from anyone besides Allah to help him meet his worldly needs, nor does he rely on anyone else besides Him.

He fashions his conduct after Him and becomes the one sought by people for the fulfillment of their needs. According to one hadith, the Messenger of Allah has said, "One who is most loved among people is the one who benefits them most."
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