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'Ill nature causes life to be miserable and torments the soul.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 5639

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"They rejected all Our signs, so We overtook them after the manner of a Mighty, Powerful One" (Quran, 54:42).

"Al-Muqtadir" is a superlative of "al-Qadir" which enhances the prestige and awe inspired by the latter.

Al- Muqtadir controls everything through His might which encompasses all His creation. His might is endless, Who manages all affairs, Who manifests His might to the souls through the light of His Attribute al-Muqtadir and thus grants them serenity and security. They recognize and venerate His might in the late hours of the night and at both ends of the day. The meaning it suggests is: "the One Whose Might is Great, Who, through His overwhelming Power, controls all His creatures; He subdues everyone and everything in His domain. He decreed, so existence came to be as a manifestation of His might: `... and Allah holds power over all things'" (Qur’an, 18:45).

One of the signs of the good manners of a believer in as far as al-Muqtadir is concerned is that this Attribute will always fill his heart, and he always remembers it, so much so that a glimpse of its light will shine upon him and will always surround him. The following is a tradition related by Jabir ibn Abdullah al-Salami:

The Messenger of Allah used to teach his companions to follow istikhara in all matters just as he used to teach them the text of the Holy Qur’an. He used to always repeat saying, "If one of you decides to do something, let him prostrate twice besides what is incumbent upon him then say: `Lord! I seek Your istikhara and Your help to enable me to achieve what I aspire to achieve! I plead to You to grant me of Your favors, for You can and I cannot, and You know and I do not, and You know the unknown. Lord! If You know that this matter (and here you indicate what it is) is good for me sooner or later, or good for my creed or sustenance, or for the ultimately good end of my affairs, then decree it for me and ease it for me, then bless it for me.

Lord! If You know that it is evil for me regarding my creed or the ultimate end of my affairs, or regarding my matter sooner or later, then take me away from it and enable me to acquire goodness wherever it may be, then make me pleased therewith.'"

The Attribute "al-Muqtadir", Praised and Glorified is He, is mentioned verbatim in two verses of the Holy Qur’an: in verses 42 and 55 of Surat al-Qamar, and once in verse 45 of Surat al-Kahaf.
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