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'Do not insult the world for it is the best mount for the believer, because by means of it he attains good and through it he is saved from evil. If a servant [of Allah] says: May Allah curse the world , the world replies: May Allah curse the most disobedient one towards his Lord from among us! .'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 77, p. 178, no. 10

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"Blessed is the name of your Lord, the Lord of Glory and Honor" (55:78)

Thul-Jalali wal Ikram is a glorious Attribute that combines glory and beauty, for there is an awesome Glory and Beauty of the Almighty; no servant of Allah can achieve knowledge except if he becomes familiar with Thul-Jalali wal Ikram. This Attribute surely combines in it anticipation, awe, hope and fear.

The Almighty monopolizes the qualities of jall, greatness, and ikrm, honor. All greatness is His, and honor is from Him; Glory to Him; there is no glory except that He is its fountainhead, while honor is always His. Glory has originated from Him and overwhelmed His creation, and the norms of His honoring His creation are countless, immeasurable; therefore, He, and only He, is worthy of being Glorified by His creatures. They should express their respect for His Greatness, show appreciation for His favors and grace, and recognize His signs and bounties.

"Thul-Jalali wal Ikram" means: the One Who has all Greatness. There is no distinction, nor glory, nor prominence, except if Allah permits it; in all reality, it is His, from Him, and by Him. Glory and Exaltation are His, the One Who is the source and fountainhead of all glory, perfection, honor, dignity and greatness. There is neither greatness nor favor nor bliss nor goodness except that it springs from His ocean.

Ma`ath ibn Jabal is quoted saying that the Messenger of Allah once passed by a man who was repeating "O One with the Glory and Honors!" so he said to him, "Your plea will be honored; so, proceed and state it." The Messenger of Allah has said, "Uphold Thul-Jalali wal Ikram," that is: "follow His path and remain steadfast in doing so and repeat this Attribute of His in your supplications." If a servant of Allah keeps repeating this Attribute, and its light will eventually shine in his innermost, he will become highly regarded among the nations. Whoever realizes the Greatness of Allah will become very humble before Him.

One of the signs of the good conduct of a servant of Allah is that he seeks nearness to Him by attaching himself to Him, by becoming very humble, by expressing his humility before Allah. He must realize that all Greatness and perfection belong to Him, and that He honors His servants by granting them His favors.
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