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When the Prophet (SAWA) followed a funeral procession, grief would overcome him and he would increase in speaking to his own self, and lessen his talking.?

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
al-Da 'awat, p. 259, no. 736

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"He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Forms (or Colours)." (Qur'an, 59:24).

There are viewpoints regarding the explanation of "al-Bari": One says it refers to the One Who brings about something out of nothing, the One Who creates something which was never there before.
It is said that Allah is al- Bari of creation, the One Who brought about all things into existence out of non-existence.

The other meaning conveys the cutting off or severing of something. The root verb of this word means cutting and shaping something such as a twig or a pencil.
One may say that illness has parted from him, or that he is free of a claim put forth by another.
It can also be applied metaphorically such as one person is severing his partnership with another or a woman separating from her husband.

Allah has bara'a, created or initiated the creation without a model; bariyyah means those whom He has created. Another meaning is curing or healing. A wise saying state that one who is cured should express gratitude to the One Who cured him.

Ja`fer ibn Sulayman is quoted as having said that he passed once by a blind old woman grieving over herself and wailing, so he asked her, "What does it take to sustain you?" She answered him saying,
"Stop sticking your nose where it does not belong; I have reached this stage of life without needing you or others."
Then she added, "Have you not heard the statement made by the Friend of Allah who said, `[Allah] Who created me then showed me the way, and He provides me with food to eat and with water to drink, and when I am sick, He restores my health to me' (26:78-80)?"

One, who knows the real meaning of "al-Bari", therefore, is not one whose heart is not affected by events, nor can momentous events overtake him by surprise.
It is also said that anyone who comes to know Who al-Bari really is will dissociate himself from claiming to have anything to do with his own form or shape, fearing his Creator's Might, knowing that he is not doing Him a favor by worshipping and obeying Him.

It is also said that He is the One who has dissociated Himself from everyone else; the One Who is never surprised by whatever events take place. It is also said that anyone who recognizes Him as al-Bari will dissociate himself from committing anything prohibitive, seeking refuge with the King, the Most Forgiving One.

If a woman who desires to give birth to a child, but cannot, fasts for seven days, and on each day at the time of Iftar repeats three Names of Allah: Al Khaliq, Al Bari, Al Musawwir, twenty one times, breaths into a cup of water and breaks the fast with this water, Allah will bless her with a child.
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