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to his sons, after Ibn Muljam struck him, 'Imprison this captive and feed him, quench his thirst, and make his captivity end urable.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Qurb al-Isnad, p. 143, no. 515

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"He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Forms (or Colours)." (Qur'an, 59:24).

Al-Musawwir is the One Who fashions, who give something its distinctive form and shape.
The general human form is distinguished from that of non-humans. Allah says,

"... and He formed you and made your forms good" (Qur'an, 40:64), "Into whatever form He pleased He shaped you" (Qur'an, 82:8), and "He it is Who shapes you in the wombs as He pleases (3:6)."

Al-Musawwir means: the One Who invents the forms and shapes of whatever He creates, Who beautifies them according to His wisdom, giving everything its own distinctive shape and form. He creates humans in different forms and shapes, making some of them different from others in physique, size, complexion, etc. This may be the meaning of the verse saying,

"And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your tongues and colors; most surely there are signs in this for those who have knowledge" (Qur'an, 30:22).

"He it is Who shapes you in the wombs as He pleases; there is no god but He, the Mighty, the Wise" (Qur'an, 3:6);

"And certainly We created man of an extract of clay, then We made him a small seed in a firm resting-place, then We made the seed a clot, then We made the clot a lump of flesh, then We made in the lump of flesh bones, then We clothed the bones with flesh, then We caused it to grow into another creation; so, blessed be Allah, the best of creators" (Qur'an, 23:12-14).

Whenever the Messenger of Allah prostrated, he used to say, "Lord! To You have I prostrated, in You have I believed, and to You have I submitted! My countenance has prostrated to the One Who created it and shaped it, Who created hearing and vision for it; so, blessed is Allah, the best of creators!"
Among the supplications of the Messenger of Allah when he prostrated is this one: "My face has submitted to the One Who created and formed it and Who made its form good." The Holy Qur'an has informed us a good deal about al-Musawwir, Allah.

In Surat al-A`raf, for example, we read the following: "And certainly We created you then fashioned you" (Qur'an, 7:11).

In Surat al-Taghabun, we read, "He has created the heavens and the earth in just proportions, and He has given you shape and made your shapes beautiful, and to Him is the final resort" (Qur'an, 64:3).

In Surat Ghafir, we read, "Allah is He Who made the earth a resting-place for you and the heavens a canopy, and He formed you then made your forms good, and He provided you with good things; that is Allah, your Lord; blessed then is Allah, the Lord of the worlds" (Qur'an, 40:64).

In Surat Ali-`Imran, we read, "He it is Who shapes you in the wombs as He pleases; there is no God but He, the Mighty, the Wise" (Qur'an, 3:6).

In Surat al-Infitar, we read, "O man! What has beguiled you from your Lord, the Gracious One Who created you then made you complete, and then He made you symmetrical? Into whatever form He pleased He constituted you" (Qur'an, 82:6-8).

And in Surat al-Hashr we read, "He is Allah the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of forms (or colors). To Him belong the Attributes; all those in the heavens and on earth declare His Praises and Glory, and He is Exalted in Might, Wise" (Qur'an, 59:24).

Allah Almighty has said, "And He created pairs, the male and the female, from the small seed when it is adapted, and upon Him is its bringing forth a second time" (Qur'an, 53:45-47).

If a sterile woman keeps fast for seven days, breaks her fast every evening with a drink of water over which this sacred name of Allah has been recited twenty one times, she will be blessed with a child.
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