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'The ambition of the foolish is to report [traditions] whereas the ambition of the scholars is to understand the traditions.?

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 2, p. 160, no. 13

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"Abasing (one party), exalting (the other)" (Quran, 56:3).

Some scholars say that both Attributes al-Khafid and al-Rafi` ought to be used simultaneously.
If applied to our Islamic creed, both Attributes connote misguidance and guidance respectively. If applied to knowledge or obedience to Allah, they imply the highest and the lowest of ranks respectively; it is in this sense that they occur in this verse: "Abasing (one party), exalting (the other)" (Quran, 56:3), meaning abasing the unbelievers who occupy the lowest ranks of hell while exalting the believers to the highest ranks of Paradise.

Allah has said, "And be kind to him who follows you from among the believers" (Quran, 26:215). Khafd is the opposite of raf`: the first implies vanquishing, lowering the status of, abasing, insulting, and humiliating. The Hour is sometimes described as such in 56:3: "Abasing (one party), exalting (the other)" (Quran, 56:3), meaning abasing some people because of their transgression, hurling them into the pit of hellfire. In Surat al-Hijr, we read more about the khafd: "... be kind to the believers" (Quran, 15:88), and in Surat al-Isra' we read: "Be submissively gentle to them, compassionate" (Quran, 17:24).

Al-Khafid is the One Who humiliates the oppressors and tyrants, lowering their ranks and insulting them. He abases at will. Al-Khafid is the One Who lowers, through humiliation, all those who think of themselves as being great, the arrogant and the conceited. He lowers entire nations. He lowers falsehood.
Al-Khafid is the One Who lowers the rank of all those who disobey Him, Who humiliates those upon whom His wrath descends, who lowers the ranks of those who deserve to be treated as such. He humiliates the unbelievers by exposing them to misery, His foes by distancing them from Him, and by exposing them to perdition.

Al-Khafid is the One Who has lowered the status of those who do not believe in Him, of those who are arrogant, of the liars, and of those who swerve away from His Path, the Path of Islam, and His final Word of truth.
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