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'The very first step in religion is acknowledging Him, and the perfect way to acknowledge Him is to testify to Him, and the perfect way to testify to Him is to believe in His divine unity, and the perfect way to believe in His divine unity is to regard Him as absolutely pure, and the perfect way to regard Him as absolutely pure is to negate all attributes from Him, for every attribute is a proof of its own distinction from the thing to which it is attributed, and everything that is attached and attributed is distinct from the attribute. Thus, whoever attaches attributes to Allah, Glory be to Him, associates Him with something else, and whoever associates Him regards Him as two, and whoever regards Him as two identifies parts to Him, and whoever identifies parts to Him has indeed misunderstood Him, and whoever misunderstands Him singles Him out, and whoever singles Him out has confined Him, and whoever confines Him has enumerated Him. Whoever asks 'In what [is He]?' holds that he is contained, and whoever asks 'On what [is He]?' has excluded Him. He is [a Being] but not through any phenomenon of coming into being, He exists but not from non-existence. He is with everything but not in physical proximity, and is separate from everything but not through physical separation. He acts but without need for movements and instruments. He sees without need for an object of sight from among His creation. He is One such that he has no need for a source of comfort that may keep Him company nor any whom He may miss in his absence.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Baldgha, Sermon 1

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"Those who oppose Allah and His Prophet shall be (herded) among the most abased" (Quran, 58:20).

"Al-Muthill" is one of the Attributes of Allah derived from the noun thull, whatever results from subduing, vanquishing, overcoming, conquering, someone.

The Almighty says, "... walk in the ways of your Lord submissively," (Quran, 16:69), that is, freely. He has also said, "... its fruits shall be made accessible (to them), always easy to reach" (Quran, 76:14).

Al-Muthill is the One Who abases or humiliates whomsoever He pleases, depriving them of all prestige. He is the One who justly abases His foes when they disobey Him and rebel against His commandments. He insults them and dismisses them, causing them to be hurled into the abode of His chastisement, the inferno of hell.
Al-Muthill is the One Who abases His foes by depriving them of knowing Him, enabling them to have their way and to go against His injunctions. He will then have them transported to the abode of His chastisement, insulting them by dismissing and cursing them.

Al-Muthill is the One Who abases the unbelievers through the power of the truth, who subdues whomsoever He pleases. Allah has not honored any servant of His more than He has to one who abases his own evil-insinuating self, his nafs, and He has not abased any servant of His more than one who is preoccupied with trying to earn distinction, prominence, and prestige for himself.

In Surat al-A`raf we read the following verse: "(As for) those who took the calf (for a god), surely wrath from their Lord and disgrace in the life of this world shall overtake them" (Quran, 7:152).

Anyone who looks niggardly at people to see how he can take advantage of them, who is never satisfied with what he has had, one who is dragged by his own schemes to elevate himself to prominence while keeping himself in the darkness of ignorance..., is one whom Allah has surely disgraced and deprived. Such an individual is implied in verses such as this:
"But you caused yourselves to fall into temptation, and you waited and doubted, and vain desires deceived you, till the threatened punishment of Allah came while the arch-deceiver [Satan] deceived you about Allah, so today ransom shall not be accepted from you" (Quran, 57:14).
This is the lowest degree of humiliation.

Thull, or bringing it about, that is, ithll, comes in many types, shapes and sizes. Allah abases an oppressor by making him fall a prey to disease, or to his lust for women, or to his greed for wealth, or by making him in dire need of others.
Let us supplicate thus: "Lord! Take us out of the humiliation of disobedience to the honor of obedience to you, and do not permit any of those whom you created to disgrace us, and crown us with the crown of your honor." Honor is in needing nobody. The absolutely perfect degree of such honor, to be sure, belongs to none other than Allah Who has said, "Surely all honor is Allah's" (Quran, 4:139).

Next in degree of being honored is one who is closest to the Almighty: "... to Allah belongs the honor, to His Prophet, and to the believers" (Quran, 63:8).
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