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'Action is unacceptable when based on any of three things: polytheism, infidelity and one's own opinion. When asked what action based on an opinion meant, he replied, 'It is when you leave the Book of Allah and the practice of His Prophet and act upon your own opinion.?

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. no. 1640

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"Whoever joins himself (to another) in a good cause shall have a share thereof, and whoever joins himself (to another) in an evil cause shall be responsible for it, and Allah controls all things" (Quran, 4:85).

"Al-Muqeet" is derived from the root noun qoot, sustenance, the food that sustains the human body.

Ibn `Abbas has said that al-Muqeet is al-Muqtadir, the Omnipotent. Al-Muqeet creates all beings, creating likewise the means for their sustenance. He provides ways for them to have access to such means of sustenance; He has made accessible to them what is necessary and what is a luxury.

He sustains the bodies and the souls. He has taken upon Himself to sustain His creation. Al-Muqeet hears the silent supplication and responds to it and knows the affliction and removes it. "Al-Muqeet" conveys the same meaning as that of "al-Hafeez," the Protector; so, He protects and sustains the living beings.

Reference to qoot exists throughout the Holy Quran. For example, Allah has said the following in Surat Fussilat: "And He made in it mountains above its surface, and He blessed therein and made therein its foods, in four periods: alike for the seekers" (Quran, 41:10).

He sustains the hearts through knowledge, so He is al-Razzaq but in a more specific way, for sustenance includes both food and non-food items. Qoot is food sufficient to keep someone's body alive. It may also mean the One Who takes full control over something or someone, who is Capable of managing his/her affairs.

Al-Muqeet Alone is Capable and Knowledgeable of everything. One of the good manners inspired by this Attribute is that when food is brought to you, you must recognize al-Muqeet whose sustenance is quite spacious and encompassing, through Whose Grace are you provided with food. Such recognition will cause the light of this Attribute to lift you spiritually.
God will then make you the treasure-house for His servants, enabling you to sustain others, teach them knowledge, and lead them to the ever-Living, the Sustainer.

Do not seek the achievement of all your wishes and desires except from Allah, for He surely holds the keys to the treasures of His sustenance. According to one qudsi tradition, Allah said to Moses, "O Moses! Ask Me with regard to everything, including your shoe strings and the salt for your pot."
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