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'He whose heart submits to Allah, his body never tires of Allah's obedience.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 78, p. 90, no. 95

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"And the hour is coming; there is no doubt about it, and Allah shall resurrect those who are in the graves" (22:7).

"Al-Ba`ith" is an attributes linguistically derived from bai`th which means: exciting or stimulating action, something stirring someone to action, sending someone somewhere, going out seeking revenge, or simply waking up someone.

It also means sending a soldier to war: bai`th means army. It also means to bring life back to the dead.

The word "al-Ba`ith" conveys more than one meaning:
1) the Almighty will bring His creation back to life on the Day of Judgment as stated in Surat al-Hajj quoted above.
2) He sends messengers to His servants: In Surat al-Nahl, He says, "And certainly we raised in every nation a prophet" (16:36).
3) He commissions His servants to perform specific tasks by creating the impulses and motivations in them.
4) He sends aid to His servants who need it and helps the sinners by accepting their repentance.

Al-Ba`ith resurrects those in the graves, stirs things into motion, causes determination, manifests the knowledge of the unknown, brings His servants back to life, resurrects His creation on the Day of Judgment, Who records what the breasts conceal. Ba`th is the life hereafter. One who knows the real meaning of resurrection knows the real meaning of this Attribute.

Most people have numerous general misconceptions and ambiguous presumptions about it. They imagine that death is the end of everything, and that resurrection starts a new creation from nothing, just as the first creation was started. Their belief that death is the end of everything is surely erroneous, for we have come to learn from studying the Sunnah that the grave is either a pit of fire or a piece of Paradise. The dead are either happy or miserable. The happy ones, such as the martyrs, are not dead; rather, Allah says the following about them in Surat Ali-`Imran (the Family of Amram): "And do not reckon those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead; nay! They are alive receiving sustenance from their Lord, rejoicing in what Allah has given them out of His grace, and they rejoice for the sake of those who, (being left) behind them, have not yet joined them, that they shall have no fear, nor shall they grieve" (3:169- 170).

The miserable, too, are living, leading a miserable life. For this reason, the Messenger of Allah once addressed the latter in the aftermath of the Battle of Badr saying, "I have found what my Lord has promised me to be the truth; so, have you found what your Lord promised you to be true?" He was asked, "How can you address people who have turned into a stink?" He answered by saying, "You do not hear me better than they, except that they cannot answer me back."

Al-Ba`ith is also the One Who inspires determination in the heart of people to undertake lofty objectives on the battlefields of jihad, and to purify themselves. Al-Ba`ith plants the will to rise up to lofty endeavors, who removes from your heart the evil whisperings, who purges the innermost conscience from scruples and purifies the deeds from filthiness. He sends His messengers to convey

His commandments: "Allah raised prophets as bearers of glad tidings and as warners" (2:213). He brings the dead back to life: "Then we resurrected you after your death..." (2:56). He wakes up those who sleep by reawakening their bodies: "He it is Who takes your souls at night (while asleep), and He knows what you acquire during the day, then He raises you up therein so that an appointed term may be fulfilled, then to Him is your return, then will He inform you of what you were doing" (6:60). Glory, then, to Him for resurrecting the dead and recording what the breasts conceal.

The subject of bai`th is referred to in numerous places of the Holy Quran; these are some of them: Certainly we raised in every nation a prophet saying: Worship Allah and shun Satan. So there were some of them whom Allah guided, and there were others against whom error was due; therefore, travel in the land and witness what the end of those who rejected [Our signs] was. (16:36) and during part of the night pray Tahajjud beyond what is incumbent upon you so that your Lord may raise you to a position of great glory. (17:79) Then We raised them up so that We might ascertain which of the two parties was best able to compute the time during which they remained (asleep). (18:12) those who disbelieve think they shall never be resurrected. Say: Aye! By my Lord! You shall most certainly be resurrected, then you shall most certainly be informed of what you did, and that is easy for Allah. (64:7)

The portion of inspiration a servant of Allah may be able to derive from the attribute al-Ba`ith is his knowledge that a soul first has no knowledge of anything, just like the body. Allah says the following in Surat al-Ana`m: "Is he who was dead then We brought him back to life and made for him a light whereby he walks among people like one who is in utter darkness from which he can never come forth? Thus what they did was made fair-seeming to the unbelievers" (Quran, 6:122), and in Surat al- Nahl He says, "He sends the angels with the inspiration by His command to whomsoever He pleases of His servants saying: Give the warning that there is no god but I; therefore, be careful (of your duty) to me" (16:2).

If a servant of Allah strives hard to learn, he will be as though he has instilled a new life in his soul after its death, and if he strives to teach the ignorant ones, he will be as though he brought their souls back to life after their death.
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