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When he emerges, he will lean his back against the Ka'ba, and three hundred and thirteen men will assemble with him, and the first thing he will utter will be the verse, What remains of Allah's provision is better for you, should you be the faithful. He will then say, 'l am the remains of Allah, His proof and His vicegerent upon you. None will salute him except by saying, 'Peace be upon you O remainder of Allah (baqiyyat Allah) in His land.'

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
Nur al-Thaqalayn, v. 2, p. 392, no. 194

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If a man of contentedness were to swear that he would eventually be in charge of his two abodes, Allah would confirm him in that, realizing his hope through the immensity of his contentment. How can Allah's servant not be content with what He has allotted him when He says,

We distribute among them their livelihood between them in the life of this world. (43:32)

Whoever yields to Allah, and is not heedless in affirming Him in what He wishes and whenever He wishes, whoever has certainty of His lordship ascribes of necessity the allotment of each man's provision directly to Himself, and does not recognize the reality of causes. Whoever is content with what is allotted is relieved of care, grief and fatigue. Whenever he decreases in contentment, he increases in desire. Greed for this world is the root of every evil; the person who has it is not saved from the Fire unless he repents.

That is why the Holy Prophet said, 'Contentment is a kingdom which does not vanish.' It is the ship of Allah's pleasure, bearing whoever is on board it to His House. Have excellent trust in what you have not been given, and pleasure in what you have been given. Be patient in what befalls you, for this indeed is one of the greatest tasks.

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