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describing the Prophet (SAWA), said, 'He had the most generous of hands, and his chest was the boldest of all. He was the most truthful of people in speech and the most trustworthy in liability. He was the most lenient of people in disposition, and the kindest of them in social companionship. Those who saw him would spontaneously respect him, and those who associated with him and came to know him loved him. I have never seen anyone like him, before him or after him (SAWA).'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
al-Ghdrdt, v. 1, p. 167

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Contentment is when a person is content with what he loves and what he hates; it is a ray of the light of gnosis. He who is content is annihilated to all his choices; he is really the one with whom Allah is content. Contentment is a name which contains the meanings of servitude, and maybe described as the joy of the heart.

I heard my father, Muhammad al-Baqir, say, 'To attach the heart to what is present is association (shirk), and to what is not there is disbelief (kufr): these are the wings of heedlessness.' I am amazed at anyone who claims to be a slave to Allah and then contends with Him over His decrees. Content gnostics ('arifin) are far from being like that.'

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