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Good handwriting .increases the clarity of truth.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
al-Firdaws, v. 2, p. 200, no. 2994

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Three things are rare in every age: brotherhood in Allah; a devout, affectionate wife who helps you in Allah's faith; and a rightly guided son. Whoever finds these three things has obtained the good of both abodes and the fullest portion of this world and the next. Beware of taking someone as a brother when you are moved by greed, fear, inclination, money, food or drink.

Seek the fraternity of the Allah-fearing, even to the ends of the earth, and even if you spend your entire life seeking them. Allah has not left anyone better than them after the Prophets on the face of the earth, nor has He given a bondsman any blessing like that of success in finding their company. Allah has said,

The friends shall on that day be enemies to one another except those who guard [against evil]. (43:67)

I believe that anyone who looks for a friend without fault in these times will remain without a friend. Do you not see that the first mark of honour which Allah bestowed on His Prophets when their call to faith became known was a trusty friend or helper. Similarly, the most sublime gift which Allah bestowed on His friends, supporters (awliya'), pure friends and trustees was the company of His prophets.

This is proof that, after knowledge of Allah, there is no blessing in either abode which is more sublime, more excellent or more pure than company in Allah and brotherhood for His sake.

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