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'Verily on the day of the battle of 'Uhud, the Prophet (SAWA)'s incisors were broken and his head was wounded, so while taking out the blood from it, he said, 'How will a people who wounded their prophet and broke his teeth ever succeed, whilst he only calls them to Allah?!' So Allah revealed the verse: You have no hand in the matter.?

Anas ibn Malik
Sahih Muslim, v. 3, p. 1417, no. 104

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A Description of this World E-mail

This world is like a body whose head is pride, whose eyes are avarice, whose ears are greed, whose tongue is dissimulation, whose hand is desire, whose legs are vanity, whose heart is heedlessness, whose being is annihilation, and whose product is extinction.

It brings pride to whoever loves it, avarice to whoever prefers it, greed to whoever seeks it, and cloaks with hypocrisy whoever praises it. It gives vain power over whoever desires it; it leads to heedlessness in the person who relies on it. It seduces whoever admires its goods, but those goods do not last for him. It returns the person who gathers it and is miserly with it to its own abode, which is the Fire.

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