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was once asked a question by a man, to which he duly replied, and to which the man then retorted, 'The jurists do not say this!' The Imam said, 'Woe unto you! Have you ever seen a jurist?! A real jurist is a person who is ascetic from this world, who craves for the Hereafter, and strongly holds onto the tradition of the Prophet (SAWA).'

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
al-Kafi, v. 1, p. 70, no. 8

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The man of intellect submits to what is true and is just in his speech; he shrinks from what is false but opposes it in his speech. He leaves this world behind, but does not leave his faith.

The proof of the man of intellect lies in two things: truthful words and correct actions. The man of intellect does not say something which the intellect rejects, neither does he expose himself to suspicion, nor abandon the help of those who have been tested. Knowledge guides him in his actions; gnosis is his certainty in the paths he treads, and forbearance is his companion at all times. Passion, however, is the enemy of the intellect, the opponent of truth and the companion of falsehood. The strength of passion comes from worldly appetites, and its initial manifestation is caused by doing what is forbidden, neglecting obligations, making light of the sunnah and engrossing oneself in amusements.

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