Pearl of Wisdom

'Truthfulness is incumbent upon you, for verily it is one of the doors of Paradise.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Tarikh Baghdad, p. 11, no. 82

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Humility embraces every precious and noble rank and high position. If humility had a language which people understood, it would speak about the realities which are hidden in the outcomes of affairs. Humility is whatever is undertaken for Allah and in Allah, and anything other then that is trickery. Whoever is humble to Allah, Allah will honour over many of His bondsmen. The people of humility have recognizable signs. When one of them was asked about humility, he said, 'It means you are humble to the truth and follow it, even if you hear it from a child.' Many types of pride keep one from using, accepting and following knowledge. There are certain verses about this, denouncing the haughty. The people of humility have signs recognized by the angels in heaven and the gnostics on earth. Allah said,

On the most elevated places there shall be men who know all by their marks. (7:46)

and elsewhere,

Whoever from among you turns back from his faith, then Allah will bring a people whom He loves and they shall love Him, humble towards the believers, mighty against the unbelievers. (5:54)

Surely the most honourable of you with Allah is the one among you with the greatest precaution. (49:13)


Do not attribute purity to your souls. (53:32)

The root of humility comes from the majesty, awe, and immensity of Allah. Allah is not pleased with any act of worship, nor does He accept it unless it comes with humility. No one knows what is the true meaning of humility except those of His bondsmen who are close and connected with His unity. Allah said,

The servants of the Merciful are they who walk on earth in humbleness, and when the ignorant address them, they say; Peace. (25:63)

He commanded the mightiest of His creation and the master of its people, Muhammad, to be humble, saying,

Make yourself gentle to the believers. (15:88)

From humility grow submission, humility, fear and modesty; it is only from within humility that these qualities appear. True and perfect nobility is only given to those who are humble in the essence of Allah.

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