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in his letter to Malik al-Ashtar when he appointed him governor of Egypt, said, '[Fear] Allah and keep Allah in view with respect to the lowest class, consisting of those who have few means: the poor, the destitute, the penniless and the disabled; because in this class are both the discontented and those who beg. Take care, for the sake of Allah, of His obligations for which He has made you responsible. Fix for them a share from the public treasury... Take care of the affairs of those of them who do not approach you because they are of unsightly appearance or those whom people regard as low. Appoint for them some trusted people who are God-fearing and humble. They should inform you of these people's conditions. Then deal with them with a sense of responsibility to Allah on the Day you will meet Him, because of all the subjects, these people are the most deserving of equitable treatment, while for others also you should fulfil their rights so as to render account to Allah.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. Letter 53

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Fear Allah and be where you wish to be among any people you choose to be. There is no conflict for anyone in a state of precaution. Precaution is desirable for all parties; in it is gathered all goodness and maturity. It is the measure of all knowledge and wisdom, of every accepted act of obedience. Precaution is the water which gushes out from the spring of Allah's gnosis: every branch of knowledge is in need of it. It does not need any confirmation of knowing how to be still in awe of Allah and His power. Increase in precaution comes from Allah's acquainting His bondman's secret with His subtle mercy: this is the root of every truth.

Falsehood is whatever cuts you off from Allah- every group agrees on this also. Therefore avoid falsehood, devoting your secret to Allah without any attachment.

The Messenger of Allah said, 'The truest words that the Bedouins spoke are the words of Labid when he said, ‘Indeed everything but Allah is false And every blessing is most certainly ephemeral.'

So cling to what is agreed upon by people of purity, piety and precaution in the roots of the faith, the realities of certainty, Allah's pleasure, and submission. Do not enter into disagreement and disputations among people, for then things will become difficult for you. The chosen community has agreed that Allah is One and that there is nothing like Him; and that He is just in His judgement, does whatever He wishes, and governs what He wills. One does not ask 'why?' about anything of His making. There has not been and will never be anything that is not according to His will and desire; He has the power to do what He wills, and He is true in His promise and His threat.

The Qur'an is His word, and it existed before phenomenal being, place and time. The creation of phenomenal beings and their annihilation are the same with Him: their creation did not increase His knowledge, nor will their passing decrease His kingdom. His power is mighty and He is majestic, glory be to Him.

If someone brings to you anything which falls short of this fundamental truth, do not accept it. Devote your inward being to that and you will see its blessings close at hand. You will be among the victors.

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