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Umar b. al-Khattab was making his way through Madina at night when he heard a man singing in his home. He jumped over the fence and said, ?O Enemy of Allah! Did you think that Allah would conceal you while you disobey Him?!' The man retorted, 'What about you, O Commander of the faithful? Do not hasten to Punish me, for if I disobeyed Allah once, you did so three times. He has said, 'Do not spy,' and you did spy [on me]. He also said, 'Enter the homes from their doors,' but you jumped over my fence and without my permission. And Allah, the Exalted, says, 'Do not enter homes that are not yours until you are invited in and until you greet their owners.' 'Umar said, 'Is there any good in you, if I decide to pardon you?' The man said, 'Yes.' Then 'Umar pardoned him and departed.'

Umar ibn al-Khattab
Ibid. no. 8827

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Close the gates of your limbs and senses to all that will harm your heart, remove your standing with Allah, and bring in its wake grief and regret on the Day of Judgement and shame about the evil actions you committed.

The scrupulous person must have three principles: he should overlook the faults of all people, he should avoid offending them, and he should balance censure with praise.

The basis of fearing Allah is to constantly take the self to account, to be truthful in one's words and pure in one's transactions, to leave every doubtful thing, to abandon every defect and doubt, to separate oneself from all which does not concern you and not to open doors which you will not know how to close.

Do not sit with anyone who obscures what is clear for you, nor with someone who takes the faith lightly. Do not question knowledge which your heart has no capacity for, and which you will not understand, of whoever said it, and cut off anyone who cuts you off from Allah.

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