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when 'Abd al-'Azim al-Hasani asked him about Dhul Kifl and his name, and whether he was a messenger, said, 'Allah, exalted be His remembrance, sent one hundred and twenty four thousand prophets, of whom three hundred and thirteen were messengers, and Dhul Kifl was one of them, peace of Allah be upon them all. He was after Solomon, son of David (AS), and he used to judge between people like David did before him. He never became angry other than for Allah, and his name was 'Uwaydiya'. He is the one Allah, Mighty and Exalted, has mentioned in His book, saying remember Ishmael, Elisha and Dhu'l-Kifl each {of whom was} among the elect. '.

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Taqi [as]
asas al-Anbiyd', p. 213, no. 211

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If you are intelligent, then you should be of firm resolution and sincere intention before you set out for any place, for surely the self's nature is to overstep the bounds and encroach on the forbidden. You should reflect when you walk, and take note of the wonders of Allah's work wherever you go. Do not be mocking, or strut when you walk; Allah said,

Do not go about in the land exulting overmuch. (31:18)

Lower your gaze from whatever is inappropriate to faith, and remember Allah frequently. There is a tradition which says that those places where, and in connection with which, Allah is mentioned will testify to that before Allah on the Day of Judgement and will ask forgiveness for those people so that Allah will let them enter the Garden.

Do not speak excessively with people along the way, for that is bad manners. Most of the roads are the traps and markets of Satan, so do not feel safe from his tricks. Make your coming and your going in obedience to Allah, striving for His pleasure, for all your movements will be recorded in your book, as Allah said,

On the day when their tongues and their hands and their feet shall bear witness against them regarding what they did, (24:24) and

We have made every man's actions to cling to his neck. (17:13)

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