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'A man entered the mosque and said, 'There is no rule save Allah's.' Then another man said, 'There is no rule save Allah's.' So [Imam] 'Ali said, 'There is no rule save Allah's. Allah's promise is indeed true. And do not let yourself be upset by those who have no conviction. You do not know what these [men] are saying; they are saying, 'There [should] be no government'. O People! You are not set straight without a ruler, be he pious or wicked.' They replied, 'We understand about the pious, but what about the wicked?' He said, '[Under whom] the believer toils and the wicked thrives, and Allah decrees the final outcome, your roads become safe, your markets operate, your booty is collected, your enemy is fought, and your weak is protected from the powerful from among you.'

Abu al-Bakhtari
Kanz al-'Ummal, no. 31618

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Library » Nahj ul Balagha » Sermons » After Amir al-mu'minin had sent Jarir ibn `Abdillah al-Bajali to Mu`awiyah
After Amir al-mu'minin had sent Jarir ibn `Abdillah al-Bajali to Mu`awiyah E-mail
Sermon 43 After Amir al-mu'minin had sent Jarir ibn `Abdillah al-Bajali to Mu`awiyah (for securing his allegiance) some of his companions suggested preparation to fight with him then he said:

My preparation for war with the people of Syria (ash-Sham) while Jarir ibn `Abdillah al-Bajali is still there would be closing the door for Syria and prevention of its people from good action (i.e. allegiance) if they intend doing it. However, I have fixed a time limit for Jarir after which he would not stay without either deception or in disobedience. My opinion is in favour of patience, so wait a while. (In the meantime) I do not dislike your getting ready.

I have observed this matter thoroughly from all sides but I do not find any way except war or heresy. Certainly, there was over the people a ruler (before me) who brought about new (un-Islamic) things and compelled the people to speak out. So they did speak, then rose up and thereafter changed the whole system.


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