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'Verily the fragrance of Paradise can be smelt from a distance of five hundred years, but neither the one who is insolent towards his parents not the cuckold will ever smell it.' When asked, ?O Prophet of Allah, what is a cuckold?' he replied, 'It is one whose wife commits adultery with his knowledge of it.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Kitab man layahdurahi al-Faqih, v. 3, p. 444, no. 4542

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Sermon 77 Supplications of Amir al-mu'minin.

O' my Allah! Forgive me what Thou knowest about me more than I do. If I return (to the sins) Thou return to forgiveness. My Allah forgive me what I had promised to myself but Thou didst not find its fulfilment with me. My Allah forgive me that with what I sought nearness to Thee with my tongue but my heart opposed and did not perform it. My Allah forgive me winkings of the eye, vile utterances, desires of the heart and errors of speech.

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