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when asked by Abu Shakir al-Day ani, 'What is the proof that you have a creator?' The Imam (AS) answered, 'I found within myself that there can only be one of two possibilities, that either I was the one who created my own self or that someone other than me created me, so if I created myself, then that can only mean one of two possibilities, either I created myself and I was in existence beforehand or I created myself from non-existence, so if I created myself and I was already in existence beforehand, then I was free of any need to be created by the fact that I already existed. If I was in non-existence then surely you know that non-existence cannot bring about anything into existence. Thus, the third meaning affirms that I have a creator and He is Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.' Then Abu Shakir had no response to the Imam (AS) so he stoodup and left.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Ibid. p. 290, no. 10

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Sermon 106 Delivered during one of the days of Siffin

I have seen your flight and your dispersal from the lines. You were surrounded by rude and low people and Bedouins of Syria (ash-Sham), although you are the chiefs of Arabs and summit of distinction, and possess dignity as that of the high nose and big hump of the camel. The sigh of my bosom can subside only when I eventually see you surrounding them as they surrounded you, and see you dislodging them from their position as they dislodged you, killing them with arrows and striking them with spears so that their forward rows might fall on the rear ones just like the thirsty camels who have been turned away from their place of drink and removed from their water-points.

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