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?Make your remembrance of Allah for the sake of the fact that he remembers you, for verily He remembers you even though He is needless of you, so His remembrance of you is loftier, more desirable and more complete than your remembrance of Him and it supersedes it.. .so whoever wishes to remember Allah, most High, should know that as long as Allah does not remember His servant in the context of granting him divine succour to remember Him [in the first place], the servant will not be capable of remembering Him.?

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Ibid. p. 158, no. 33

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About the Angel of Death and depart of spirit E-mail
Sermon 111 About the Angel of Death and depart of spirit

Do you feel when the Angel of Death enters a house, or do you see him when he takes out life of anyone? How does he take out the life of an embryo in the womb of his mother? Does he reach it through any part of her body or the spirit responded to his call with the permission of Allah? Or does he stay with him in the mother's interior? How can he who is unable to describe a creature like this, describe Allah?

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