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'A person was a guest of the Commander of the Faithful (AS) and stayed with him for some days. He then presented him with a prior dispute that he had not mentioned to the Commander of the Faithful (AS). The Imam said to him, 'Are you making a formal complaint?' He said, 'Yes.' The Imam said, 'Transfer from us [from our house], for the Messenger of Allah (SAWA) forbade the hosting of a plaintiff [for whom one is judge] unless the plaintiff is also with him.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Ibid. v. 7, p. 413, no. 4

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Sermon 117 In praise of his faithful companions

You are supporters of Truth and brethren in faith. You are the shield on the day of tribulation, and (my) trustees among the rest of the people. With your support I strike the runner away and hope for the obedience of him who advances forward. Therefore, extend to me support which is free from deceit and pure from doubt because, by Allah, I am the most preferable of all for the people.

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