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to a person who asked him about the reason for [man's] despising of death, 'Do you have wealth?' He said, 'Yes.' The Prophet said, 'And have you given it away [before death should overtake you]?' He said, 'No.' The Prophet said, 'This is why you do not like death.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
al-Khisal, p. 13, no. 47

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Sermon 147 About Talhah and az-Zubayr and the people of Basrah

Both of these two (Talhah and az-Zubayr) wishes the Caliphate for himself, and is drawing towards himself as against the other fellow. They do not employ any connection for getting access to Allah nor proceed towards Him through any means. Both of them bear malice against the other. Shortly his veil over it will be uncovered. By Allah, if they achieve what they aim at, one of them will kill the other, and one will finish the other. The rebellious party has stood up. Where are the seekers of virtue; for the paths have already been determined and they have been given the news. For every misguidance there is a cause and for every break of pledge there is a misrepresentation. By Allah, I shall not be like him who listens to the voice of mourning, hears the man who brings news of death and also visits the mourner yet does not take lesson.

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