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that when the verse: O you wrapped up in your mantle, stand vigil through the night, except a little descended onto the Prophet (SAWA), he used to stay up all night until his feet would swell up, so he would pick one foot up, and put the other down, and Gabriel came down to him saying: Taha, meaning 'the earthis for your feet, O Muhammad', We did not send down to you the Qur'an that you should be miserable , and He revealed: So recite as much of the Qur'an as is feasible.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Tafsir al-Mizan, v. 14, no. 126

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Allah's favours, Condition of persons facing death, Transience of this world E-mail
Sermon 187 Allah's favours, Condition of persons facing death, Transience of this world

I advise you, O' people, to fear Allah and to praise Him profusely for His favours to you and His reward for you and His obligations on you. See how He chose you for favours and dealt with you with mercy. You sinned openly; He kept you covered. You behaved in a way to incur His punishment, but He gave you more time.

I also advise you to remember death and to lessen your heedlessness towards it. Why should you be heedless of Him Who is not heedless of you? Why expect from him (i.e., the angel of death) who will not give you time? The dead whom you have been watching suffice as preachers. They were carried to their graves, not riding themselves, and were placed in them but not of their own accord. It seems as if they never lived in this world and as if the next world had always been their abode. They have made lonely the place where they were living, and are now living where they used to feel lonely. They remained busy about what they had to leave, and did not care for where they were to go. Now they cannot remove themselves from evil, nor add to their virtues They were attached to the world and it deceived them. They trusted it and it overturned them.

May Allah have pity on you. You should therefore hasten towards (the preparation of) houses which you have been commanded to populate, and towards which you have been called and invited. Seek the completion of Allah's favours on you by exercising endurance in His obedience and abstention from His disobedience, because tomorrow is close to today. How fast are the hours of the day, how fast are the days in the month, how fast are the months in the years and how fast the years in a life.

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