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describing Jesus (AS) said, 'If you wish I will speak about Jesus son of Mary (AS). He used to use a rock for his pillow, wore rough clothes and ate dry food. His condiment was hunger; his lamp at night was the moon, his shade during the winter was the east of the earth and its west. His fruits and flowers were what the earth grew for the cattle. He had no wife to seduce him, nor any son to grieve him, nor wealth to deviate [his attention], nor greed to disgrace him. His two feet were his riding beast and his two hands his servant.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Baldgha, Sermon 160

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Letter 24 Will of Imam Ali(a).

This is a will of a creature of Allah, Ali son of Abu Taalib (a). It instructs (his heirs) how to spend his property only to gain the Blessings of Allah so that Allah may grant him peace and allow him to enter His Paradise. After me my son Hasan (a) will be the administrator, executor and testator of my property. He can spend it according to the laws of Islam in helping the poor, destitute and the needy in accordance with the canons ordained by Allah. If anything happens to Hasan (a) and Husayn (a) is alive after him, then he will be the next executor and testator and should act according to the spirit of the instructions given herein. Verily, for the two sons of Fatima (a), Hasan and Husayn (a), the share out of my property is equal to the shares of my other sons (being Imams they should not be barred from taking their share and at the same time their share cannot be more on account of their being administrators and executors). I have appointed sons of Fatima (a) executors to please Allah and out of respect and love that I bear towards the Holy Prophet (a) and his daughter (peace of Allah be upon them and their descendants).

I order the executor to keep this property as it is and to spend the income on the poor and destitute as desired by me. I further order that young date-palm of the estate not to be cut until it is fully afforested with date-palm and take up the shape of a well-developed palm-orchard.

My widows are to be treated with respect and their shares, out of this property, are to be included in the shares of their sons and even if any of them loses her son she will still enjoy her share, she should not be left unhelped to work like a slave-woman for her living.

The following is the will of Imam Ali (a) in which he has left instructions as to how to treat his property and estate. It was written after his return from the Battle of Siffin.

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