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'Satan, may Allah curse him, said, 'The owner of wealth will not be safe from me in three things that I will overcome him with and leave thereafter: his acquisition of it from unlawful places, his spending it in its unrightful place, and I will make him love it so much that he will deprive it to its rightful due.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
al-Targbib wa al-Tarhib, v. 4, p. 182, no. 68

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Letter 30 A Letter to Mu'awiya

Fear Allah in respect of the responsibilities you hold and the power and authority that you command. Deeply deliberate over the duties that Allah has laid down upon you, each one of them is His due which should be respectfully rendered. Try to learn and understand that for which you have no right to plead ignorance. Remember that there are clear modes, honest means, bright ways, rational procedures, sensible manners, pious methods of faithfully carrying out His orders and obeying His commands and there are innumerable gains and unlimited advantages in that way of life. Wise people adopt those ways and follow them but only fools refuse to accept His advice. Whoever turns away from Allah actually turns away from the realities of life and dictates of wisdom and, therefore, he wanders in the wilderness of ignorance.

The Almighty Allah will take away His Blessings from him and will send His Wrath upon him.

For the sake of yourself be afraid of self-aggrandizement, self-glorification and selfishness. The Merciful Allah has shown you the correct way of leading an honest and a virtuous life and has clearly pointed to you the place where life and its activities are going to end.

Beware that your vicious desire of gaining everything for yourself has landed you in a maze of wickedness and crime, it has forcefully driven you to the folds of vices and sins, it has made it easy for you to achieve your eternal damnation and has rendered it impossible for you to follow the path of virtue and to attain salvation.


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