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We have been given what people [in the past] were given as well as what they were not given, and we know what other people know as well as what they do not know. But we did not find anything better [in all of that] than fearing Allah in secret and in public, and moderation in times of wealth as well as poverty, speaking the truth both in [states of] pleasure and anger, and humility before Allah Almighty in every situation.'

Prophet Solomon [as]
al-Khisal, p. 241, no. 91

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A letter to Mu'awiya. E-mail
Letter 55 A letter to Mu'awiya.

You must know and understand that Allah has made this world a place where one is to stay only to provide for a happy life for himself in the Hereafter by his deeds. People are put to test here so that they may be rewarded according to their merits.

Our life does not end here and we are not created only for this world. Nor are we ordered to concentrate our energies only to acquire pleasures, power and pomp here. We are brought here simply to be tested in accordance to our knowledge, intentions and activities.

You are being tested through me and I am being tested through you. Each one of us is to be an evidence of the demonstration of the intentions and deeds of the other - whether they have been pious or sinful. You began by misinterpreting the Holy Qur'an and on the basis of these misinterpretations you started grasping power and wealth and began oppressing and tyrannizing the people. Your next unholy action was to call me responsible for an action (murder of Caliph Uthman) of which my tongue and hands were both innocent.

You with the Syrians tried your best to bring this deed to my door. The learned from your side persuaded the ignorant and influential people, and drove the commoners to rise against me.

Fear Allah and do let Satan drive you wherever it wants, think of death and the life after death because that is the only resting-place for you and me and for every human being. Be afraid of the Wrath of Almighty Allah which may throw you into such a calamity that it will not only be an end of you but an end of your dynasty.

I swear, and my oath is such that I have no intention of breaking it, that if fate so arranges as to bring us face to face against each other then I shall not leave the battlefield:

    "Until Allah judges between us, and He is the best Judge" [ Qur'an, 7:87 ].

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