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Imam al-Sadiq (AS) was once asked, 'Do you consider all of these people as being real human beings?' to which he replied, 'Exclude from them the one who does not brush his teeth,...'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
This is part of a longer tradition where the Imam cites several other categories of people whom he excludes from the banner of humanity for their various faults, in accordance with the verse of the Qur'an (25:44): "Do you suppose that most of them listen or apply reason? They are just like cattlerather they are further astray from the way." (ed.)

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Library » Nahj ul Balagha » Letters » Imam Ali (a) wrote this letter to Salman Farsi, before his caliphate.
Imam Ali (a) wrote this letter to Salman Farsi, before his caliphate. E-mail
Letter 68 Imam Ali (a) wrote this letter to Salman al-Farsi, before his caliphate.

This world is like serpent - so soft to touch yet so lethal in its bite. Therefore, try to avoid those things of this place which please you or allure you because this world will be with you for a very short time and will be of very little use to you. Do not keep your mind fully engrossed in mundane affairs because you know for certain that you will shortly leave this world.

Be most wary and cautious of this vicious world at times when it allures and pleases you the most because it is an old trick of this world that when a man is most happy with pleasure of owning and possessing it, it suddenly deserts him and when a man is most confident of its protection, help and love, it certainly forsakes him.

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