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'Verily Allah's greatest Name is composed of seventy-three letters, of which Asaf [b. Barkhiyya] had but one, with the utterance of which he caused the earth between himself and Bilqis 's throne to sink until he got hold of the throne, and after which [he caused] the earth to return to its former state faster than the blink of an eye. And we [the Ahl al-Bayt] have seventy-two letters from the greatest Name, and Allah, Blessed and most High, has exclusive possession of one letter of it with Him in His knowledge of the Unseen.'

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 14, p.. 113, no. 5

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Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "(Mostly) the doers of good of my Ummah are the married ones, while the vicious of them are unmarried."

Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "The person who marries gains half of his Faith, then he must fear of Allah (swt) for the next remaining half."

Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "A two rak'at prayer that a married person establishes is worthier than when a bachelor keeps up prayers at nights and fasts during the days."

Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "The sleep of a married person is better with Allah (swt) than an unmarried one who fasts during the day and keeps vigil at night, establishing prayers."

Imam Ali (as) said: "In any condition conciliate the wives, and talk with them warmly and through kind words, thereby, they may change their actions into good ones."

Imam Baqir (as) said: "He who takes a woman (marries) should certainly respect her, because the wife of anyone of you is a means of your pleasure, so the one who marries a woman should not spoil or disgrace her (by disregarding her respectable rights)."

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