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Better than good is its doer, more beautiful than beautiful words is the one who says them and weightier than knowledge is the one who carries it.'

Imam Ali ibn Muhammad al-Hadi [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 78, p. 370, no. 4

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Dua Simaat / The Supplication Simat

Shaykh Tusi(RA), Sayyid ibn Tawus(RA) and Shaykh Kafami(RA) report that this dua, according to Muhammad ibn Uthman Umri(A), a reliable representative of Imam al-Hujjah(AJ), was taught by Imam Muhammad al-Baqir(A) and Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq(A).

Allamah Majlisi(RA) says that all the pious religious scholars used to recite this dua.

Shaykh Kafami(RA) says that this dua contains the Ism al-A’dham (the greatest name of Allah).
Imam Muhammad al-Baqir(A) advised the faithfuls to recite this dua as it brings the downfall of the enemies of Ahl ul-Bayt(A). Imam Jafar as-Sadiq(A) said that Allah taught this dua to Prophet Musa(A) (Moses(A)) to overcome his enemies.

Recite this dua daily. This dua is particularly recited after Isha (Night) salaat of Friday night and after Asr (Afternoon) salaat of Friday. It should be recited every Thursday night. It is the most reliable safeguard against enemies. To seek fulfillment of legitimate desires this dua’a dua’a is very useful.



In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

Allah! I beseech Thee through Thy Name, the most great, the most majestic, the most magnificent and the most noble.

If Thou art requested therewith to open the closed doors of the sky these will open with Thy mercy. If Thou art requested thereby to remove the narrowness of the doors of the heaven, they will be opened wide. If Thou art requested thereby to make easy the difficulty, it will be easy.

If Thou art requested thereby to restore the dead to life, they will wise from their graves. If Thou art requested thereby to remove misery and adversity, they will be removed. I beseech Thee through the Majesty of Thy person, the Most Generous and the Most Honoured One, before Whom everybody bows down in submission and all necks bend down in reverence and through fear of Whom all voices become humbled and all hearts tremble; and I beseech Thee through Thy Might, which prevents the sky from falling on the earth except with Thy permission, and which controls all the heavens and the earth so closely that they cannot move away from their positions; and I beseech Thee through they Will, which the whole world obeys, and through Thy Word.

By which Thou hath created the heaven and the earth, and through Thy Wisdom, with which Thou hath created wonderful, and with which Thou created Darkness and made it Night, and made night the time of quiet and rest; and with which Thou created Light and made it Day, and made day the time of movement and observation; and with which Thou hath created the Sun, and made the sun of light.

And with which Thou hath created the Moon, and made the moon of light; and with which Thou hath created heavenly bodies, and made them fixed stars and planets, and lamps for guidance at night, and as a means of decoration, and missiles for driving away the devils, and hath created for them east and west, and hath created for them the places of ascendancy and orbits, and created for them a firmament and sphere, and fixed for them stages in the heave - and how beautiful the stages - and shaped the stars - and how beautiful the shapes - and made them stable through Thy Name; and Thy Wisdom Thou designed a system for them - and what a good system, and controlled the heavenly bodies through the king of the night and the king of day, and through hours, making them a means for the reckoning of years and counting, making appearance of heavenly bodies regular and universal.

And I beseech Thee, O Allah, through Thy Glory, with which Thou addressed Thy slave and Thy Messenger, Moses son of 'Imran peace be on him, while he was in the company of angels - which address even the favourite cherubin could not ever hear, above the clouds of light, above the box of evidence, with in the pillar of fire on Mount Sinai, and on Mount Hurith in the Holy Vale in the sacred tract of land to the right of Taurus Mountain-through a tree; and again addressed him on the soil of Egypt, after showing nine clear signs and on the day Thou split the sea for the Children of Israel, and caused springs to flow from a stone, thereby displaying wonders of Thy might in a deep sea; and on the day when Thou solidified the water of the sea in the midst of the storm, and caused the Children of Israel to pass by it, and fulfilled Thy excellent promises made to them because of their calmly endurance, and made them the master of the East and the West in the earth, wherein there are blessings for all the worlds; and Thou drowned Pharaoh and his armies and boats in the water.  

And (I beseech Thee) through Thy name, which is the most great, the most majestic, and the most holy; and through Thy glory, with which Thou revealed light to Moses, Thy addressee, peace be on him, on Mount Sinal; and earlier radiated the light for Abraham, Thy sincere friend peace be on him, in the mosque of al-Khayf; and for Isaac, Thy chosen Prophet, peace be on him, in Bi-ri shiay', and for Thy Prophet Jacob, peace be on him, in Bayt iil and through Thy Glory, with which Thou fulfilled Thy promise to Abraham, peace be on him; and through Thy Oath in favour of Isaac; and through Thy witnessing favouring Jacob; and through the fulfillments of Thy promise to the faithful: and through Thy Names with which Thou accepted the prayers of supplications; and through Thy Glory, which appeared to Moses, son of Imran, in Qubbat al-Rumman; and through Thy Signs, which appeared on the soil of Egypt with great might and victory, with powerful signs and with the display of full command and great power; and with the affair of the perfect word; and with Thy words with which Thou doth a favor for the people of the skies and the earth and the people of here and the hereafter; and through Thy Mercy with which Thou bestowth upon all Thy creatures: and through thy Power with which Thou dominateth the worlds; and (I beseech Thee) through Thy Light, through fear of which Mount Sinai collapsed, through Thy Knowledge, and Thy Greatness and Majesty, and Thy Unique Magnificence and Thy honour, and (through) Thy might, which the earth could not bear, and, for which the heavens and earth bent down, and the great depths restrained themselves, and the seas and rivers became stable, and to which the mountains made submission, and due to which the earth became firm on its shoulders, and to which all creatures submitted, and due to which the winds breathed, and the flaming fires were extinguished in their places.  

And I beseech Thee through Thy might, through which Thou hath been known to be All-powerful for ever and ever, and for which Thou hath been praised in the heavens and the earth; and I beseech Thee through Thy word, the Word of Truth, which became a blessing for our father Adam and his generation; and I beseech Thee through Thy word, by which Thou overcame everything; and I beseech thee through the light of Thy Face, which when it flased on Mount Sinai crushed it to pieces, whereby Moses fainted and fell down, and through Thy Glory, which appeared on Mount Sinai, and through which Thou addressed Thy slave and Thy Mesenger; Moses, son of 'Imran, and through Thy appearance in Sa'ir and on Mount Faran near Rabawat, which are clean and holy places, when troops of heavenly angels were in rows, and with the sumissiveness of the angels praising Thee, and with Thy blessings with which Thou honoured Abraham, Thy sincere friend, peace be upon him, among the followers of Muhammad, Thy blessings be upon him and his Progeny and Thou honoured Isaac, Thy chosen prophet,  

among the followers of Jesus, peace be on them both, and honoured Jacob, Thy favoured slave, by including him among the followers of Moses, peace be on them both, and honoured Thy intimate friend Muhammad, may the blessings of Allah be upon him and his Progeny, and peace be upon his offspring and seed, and his people. O Allah! Just as we believe in the turth and justice of these manifestations of Thy glory, without having been present at the time, and without having been eyewitnesses. So we beseech Thee to send Thy blessings upon Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhammad, and honour Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhamamd, and honour Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhammad and have mercy on Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhammad, with the blessings, honour, and mercy Thou sent and bestowed on and meted out to Abraham and the posterity of Abraham. Surely Thou art Praiseworthy, Glorious, the Doer of what Thou willeth. Thou art Powerful over all things.  

Now express your desire and beseech Allah to fulfill it. Then recite the following. 

O Allah! For the sake of this prayer, and for the sake of these Names which no one can interpret, the inner meaning of which no one other than Thyself knows. Send Thy blessing upon Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhammad; and give me the good of here and the hereafter; and do to me what suits Thee and do not do to me what I deserve and exact vengeance from…(enemy of progeny of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.), and forgive my sins past and future, and forgive my parents and all faithful men and women, and increase Thy lawful sustenance for me, and save me from the help of wicked men, wicked neighbours, wicked rulers, wicked companions, and evil days and hours, and exact vengeance for me on everyone who hatches secret plots against me, and on everyone who oppresses me and seeks to do injustice to me or my wife or my children or my brothers or my neighbours or my relations among faithful men and women. Verily Thou art able to do whatever Thou wileth, and Thou knowest everything. Amen, O Lord of the worlds.  

O Allah! For the sake of this prayer, grant wealth and affluence to indigent faithful men and women, and recovery and sound health to the sick faithful men and women, and bliss and clemency to the living faithful men and women, and remit the sins of, and have mercy on, the deceased faithful men and women, and arrange the return home of all faithful travellers with safety and gain. Through Thy mercy, O Most Merciful of all the merciful. May Allah's blessings and peace in abundant measure be upon our master Muhammad, the last of the prophets, and his Progeny, the purified.  

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