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'He who penetrates deeply into his friend's affairs, his love for him comes to an end.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 8582

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Faces In Barzakh Will Be Like People’s Faces In This World

There is a narration from Imam Sadiq (a.s) in Amaali of Shaykh Toosi (r.a.). At the end of it, the Imam has said: When Almighty Allah recovers one's soul (Rouh), He send his soul in its worldly form and shape. There they eat and drink and when a new man (spirit of another dead) arrives to them they recognize him in his worldly face and form and shape. In another hadis the Imam has said that the spirits of the faithful meet one another and talk with one another and recognize one another so much so that if you happen to see any one of them you will say this is so and so.

Spirits Ask The Men Arrivals About Others

In another hadis, the Imam said: The spirits dwell in body forms in a garden in paradise. They recognize and known one another. They ask questions and get replies from one another. When a new spirit comes to them they say: Leave it (as it is) because it is arriving towards us after being freed from a great calamity (that is death). Then they ask it: What about so and so and such and such person? If he replies: He was alive until I came here, the spirits express their hope that (God willing, he will also come to us). But if the newly arrived soul says that he had already left the world they say: He has fallen down. It means that when he has not yet come here, he surely must have gone to hell.

Spirits Meet Their Worldly Relatives And Friends

There are some narrations in Behaar-ul-Anwaar, Kaafi and other books. Their gist is: The spirits living in Barzakh come to visit their near and dear ones. Some of them come daily, some once in two days, some once in three days, some on every Friday, some once in a month and some once a year. This difference depends on their condition, places of dwelling and their freedom or captivity.

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