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'The worst I fear for my community are three: the downfall of a scholar, the disputation of a hypocrite by means of the Qur?an, and the world which beheads you. So, for your own sakes, be suspicious of this world.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
al-Khisal, p. 163, no. 214

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Barzakh Is In The Veil Of This World

Some may think as to where such a vat world (realm) of Barzakh is at all situated? Our brain (intelligence) is unable to comprehend it. We will only say that the realm of Barzakh is in a veil and hence invisible to the physical eye. There are many narrations to make us understand this matter. For example: This world of ours, along with its vast lands and skies, if compared with the realm of Barzakh, is like a tiny spot in an endlessly big forest. So long as a man lives in this world, he is like a silk worm or like an unborn child in mother' s womb. When he dies, he becomes free. Of course, he remains in this very world and does not go away and out of it, but now he has no limitations like time and space because these things are limited only to this material world.

The Realm Of Barzakh Has Encircled This World

If it is said to a baby in the womb is told that there is a very vast world beyond you present station which is nothing in comparison with that one he is unable to understand or comprehend it. Similarly, we who are able now to see only through the physical eyes cannot comprehend the other world which is hidden from our eyes.

Almighty God says in the Holy Quran: Fa Laa…Ya'Maloon (Surah Sajdah: 17) meaning: No body knows which things have been provided for him which can cool their eyes. This is the reward of the good deeds done by them in the world. We only know that as the trust informer (s.a.w.s.) has informed us of it we testify to it. The realm of Barzakh has encircled and covered our present physical and material world just as this world has covered the world in womb. No other example is more explanatory.

Souls (Spirits) Are Friendly With One Another And Please One Another

Asbag bin Nabatah says: I saw my leader Amirul Momineen (a.s.) standing at the gate of Kufa looking towards the desert. It appeared that he was busy talking with some one but there was no one. I also stood up. After a long time I felt tired. So I sat down and got up again after a while. But Ali (a.s) was still busy talking. I went a step forward and asked: O Amirul Momineen! Who is it you are talking with? He said: This talk of mine was to please the spirits of the faithful. I asked: Which faithful. No one from those who have passed away is present here. He said: Yes, they are present here I again asked: They are present here physical or in spirit? He replied: Their spirits. Had you been able to do so, you could have seen how they gather at a place, talk mutually and please one another remembering the gifts and bounties of God.

Waadiyus Salaam Is The Station Of The Spirits Of The Faithful

It is mentioned in other hadiths that any faithful person who passes away either from the east or the west of this world finds that his spirit or soul which remains in his allegorical body have their place in Waadius Salaam near (in the neighbourhood of) Amirul Momineen (a.s.). In other words, Najaf-e-Ashraf is an exhibition of the higher world. Likewise, for the Kafirs (unbelievers) their stations in Waadiy-e-Barhoot which is situated in Yaman (Oman) in a fearful and barren land where even birds do not venture to go. This is a place for the appearance of mean souls.

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