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when a group of people praised him to his face, said, ?O Allah, You know more about me than I myself do, and I know more about myself than they do. O Allah, make us better than what they think and forgive us that which they do not know.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. Saying 100

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The Protected People in Barzakh E-mail

Those Who Do Not Experience Fear

In the news and hadiths of Holy Imams there are tidings showing that some good servants of God are protected by God from the fear and punishment in the grave during the period of Barzakh. Some of them are those to whom Talqeen was recited. Here we mean the third Taqleen which is recited after burial.

Yahya Bin Abdullah says: I have heard from Imam Sadiq (a.s.) that: What prevents you from reciting the words which protects your dead from seeing Munkar and Nakeer in their graves? I asked: Maula! What should we do? He said: When the dead has been buried, its guardian should sit near the grave and taking his mouth nearer to the head of the dead, recite loudly: Yaa Fulaan…Quboor. Then he said: Munkar and Nakeer tell one another to return as Hujjat (argument) has been taught to this dead. (Vasaail-us-Shia, Book of Cleanliness, chapter 35). (The first Taqleen should be recited at the last moments of the dieing person and the second at the time of lowering the body in the grave.

It is likely that some one may say: What can a dead person understand? But, as we have described earlier, the soul (spirit) of the dead remains near its body and hears better than we can. Some may also ask: How can an admonition (taqleen) recited in the Arabic language be understood by a non-Arab body? The reply is that, when one goes away from this material world of water and earth all languages are equally comprehensible for him or her. Linguistic limitations belong only to the material world.

Death At A Time Of When Mercy Is Rising

Another group of people who are protected from the squeezing of grave and fear and Barzakh torture are those who die between time of Zuhr on Thursday and Friday, as these are the hours when divine mercy rains allowing such persons its full benefit. God covers them in His kindness. This is also a kind of divine kindness that he showers on His servants.

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