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'The most miserly person with regards to his wealth is the most liberal in squandering away his

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 3190

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Picture In The Mirror, With Two Stipulations

Scholars and those who are experts in rhetoric's have compared the Barzakhi body with what one sees in a mirror in front of him. Of course there are two differences. First, the said picture is actual (not a mere reflection) and second, it achieves senses. The Misaali body is actual and it also senses and understands things.

One of its examples is the same dream which we have. Therein we travel immeasurable distances in a split second. We, in no time, reach Holy Mecca, Holy Mashhad and all other places. We also see and hear people over there and also talk there. But all these things are not performed by bodily organs. Not only this, better and higher and finer things like various kinds of tasty food, good-looking faces and pleasing fragrance as well as attractive songs etc are also instantly available to the Misali body, things which are unimaginable here. All these things are found there in Barzakh and the souls can benefit from all these things in their allegorical (misali) bodies. (Wa Laa… Aale Imran: 169).

All Food Articles And Fruits Combined In Only One Thing

Since the foods and drinks and fruits etc all such things in the realm of Barzakh are fine and as have nothing to do with matter, it is quite possible for them, as is mentioned in narrations, to combine in one thing according to the desires and wish of the faithful. For example, there is date fruit but you wish to eat (taste) an apple. The former instantly turns into the latter or in any other form of your liking. All of it depends on your wish.

It is mentioned in a rivayat that the Holy Prophet once said: I saw my respectable uncle Hamza after his martyrdom. A plateful of heavenly pomegranate was in front of him. He was eating from that plate. All of a sudden, I saw that the pomegranate at once changed into date fruit. (Summary of the rest of the narration is that the Holy Prophet said: I asked my honourable uncle what kinds of deeds are most beneficial there (in the Hereafter)? He said: Three things count here the most: Giving water to the thirsty, reciting Durood to the Holy Prophet and His Progeny and love for Ali Bin Abi Talib). In short, the things of that realm are lateef (fine) and are not made up of matter, one thing turns into another and into many other forms and shapes instantly at the will of the faithful.

The Degree Of Effects

Compared with this world, one of the specialities of the realm of Barzakh is effectiveness. In the science (Ilm) of Hikmat (physics) there is a theoretical discussion the description where of is of no use for the common masses. So we will proceed after making only a hint to that thing (Mudrak) meaning a thing that can affect and the thing which gets affected are two things. The more these two things are powerful, the more will be their feeling.

These fruits and these sweets and the pleasure which we derive in this world are in comparison with those in the realm of Barzakh, like a drop in the ocean. The tastefulness there is immeasurably more than it is here. If only a part of the face Hoorul-Ain (heavenly Houri) becomes unveiled, it will dazzle the eyes of the whole world. If the entire of beauty of that fairy opens it will outwit the shining of the sun. Doubtlessly absolute beauty is available only there.

The Divine Words are: Inna…Amala (S. Kahf: 7) meaning: We have made whatever is in the world an adoration but it is a beauty which is a test or trial. The intention is to differentiate between child and a major person whereby it may be known as to who becomes mad after this toy of children (this material world) and who does not pay any attention to this plaything. The real pleasure lies in the real beauty and in trying to attain it.

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