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A man from Syria narrated, 'I came to Madina and saw a man whose beauty astonished me. So I asked who this man was and was told, 'He is Hasan b. 'Ali.' [The Syrian man said], 'I envied 'Ali for having such a son. So I went to him and asked, 'Are you the son of Abu Talib?' He replied, 'Indeed I am his [grand] son'. I then said, 'Curses be on you and your father, curses be on you and your father.' He observed silence and did not reply. He then said, 'I see you are a stranger in town. Should you need a ride, we will provide you with one. Should you have any needs, we will fulfil them for you. Should you need any help, we will help you.' He said, 'I left him [in a state] whereby no one on earth was more beloved to me than him.'

Author Unknown
Mukbtasar Tarikh Dimashq, v. 1, p. 26

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In the Holy Qur'an

Do they not reflect within themselves? (30:8)

Certainly We created man in the best make (95:4)

In the Traditions

The Prophet said, "Whoever knows himself knows his Lord"

Imam Ali said,

"Your sickness is within you, though you do not realise
And your cure is within, yet you do not see
Your claim that you are nothing but a tiny entity
Yet wrapped up inside of you is the greatest universe
You are the clear book, through whose letters
All that is secret is revealed and made know.
So you have no need for anything outside of you
Your consciousness is within you, though you do not know."

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