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'Abu 'Abdillah (AS) went out on a drizzly night, heading towards the refuge of Bani Sa'ida. So I followed him, when suddenly something fell from him.' He said, 'In the name of Allah, O Allah! Return it back to us.' [He continued], 'I came to him and greeted him, and he asked, 'Are you Mu'alla?' I said, 'Yes, may I be your ransom.' He said, 'Search around with your hands and if you find anything give it to me.' I found pieces of bread, so I extended my hands to give them to him. I was amazed to see a sack of bread on his back. I asked, may I be your ransom! Allow me to carry it for you!' He said, 'No! I deserve [the load] more than you but come with me.' He said, 'We came to the refuge of Bani Sa'ida, where we came across a people who were asleep. He placed one or two loafs of bread under the garment of each and every person until he had come to the last person. We then left.' I said, may I be your ransom, do these people acknowledge the truth [of leadership]?' He said, 'If they did, we would have given them the flour as well.'

Mu?Alii b. Khunays
Thawab al-A'mal, p. 173, no. 2

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In the Holy Qur'an

Indeed, those who are near your Lord are not prevented by arrogance from His worship, and they exalt Him, and to Him they prostrate. (7:206)

In the Traditions

The Prophet said to some of his companions, "Why is it that I do not see sweetness in your worship?" When they asked him what sweetness of worship was, he replied, 'Humility'.

The Prophet said, "Good fortune is theirs who are humble - but not through poverty, who spend of their wealth which they have gained lawfully, who have mercy on the abased and poor and who keep company with the scholars of law and the wise."

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