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In the battle of Dhat al-Riqa', the Prophet (SAWA) descended under a tree on the side of a valley when a flood came and separated him from his companions. A man from among the polytheists saw him whilst the Muslims were standing on the side of the valley waiting for the flood to subside. One of the polytheists said to his people, 'I will kill Muhammad! So he came and drew his sword against the .Prophet (SAWA), saying, 'Who will save you now from me O Muhammad?!' to which he replied, my Lord and your Lord', upon which the archangel Gabriel (AS) threw him down from his horse and he fell onto his back. The Prophet (SAWA) then stood up, took the sword and sat on his chest, saying, 'Who will save you now from me, O Ghawrith?' to which he replied, 'Your magnanimity and generosity O Muhammad' at which he left him. The man stood up, saying, 'By Allah, you are indeed better and nobler than me.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 20, p. 179, no. 6

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In the Holy Qur'an

Woe to those who pray but who are unmindful of their prayers (107:4-5)

Establish the prayer for My remembrance (20:14)

DO not be amongst those who are unmindful (7:205)

In the Traditions

The Prophet said, "Know that Allah does not answer supplication from a heedless and distracted heart."

The Prophet said, "Seize the opportunity to supplicate during tenderness (of heart) for verly it is a mercy."

The Propher said, "Whoever prays two cycles of prayer, and does not allow his mind to wander to the affairs of this world, will be forgiven for the wrong action he has committed earlier."

Imam Ali said, "Cajole your soul tactfully to worship, and be gently with it and do not force it. Make allowances for both its weariness and its activity, except for the daily obligations that are incumbent upon it, for it must fulfil them and undertake them at their prescribed times."

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