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in his will to his son Imam al-Hasan (AS) said, 'I advise you to be Godwary, O my son, and to abide by His orders, and to keep your heart alive with His remembrance.?

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Baldgha, Letter 31

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In the Holy Qur'an

And those who patiently perserve, seeking the pleasure of their Lord, and keep up prayer and spend (beneolently) out of what We have given them secretly and openly and repel evil with good; as for those, they have the (happy) issue of the abode (13:22)

In the Traditions

The Prophet said, "Man is with whom he loves. Whoever loves a bondsman in Allah, loves Allah. No one loves Allah except he whom Allah loves."

My God,

were it not incubment to accept Thy command,
I would declare Thee far to exalted for me to remember Thee,
for I remember Thee in my measure,
not in Thy measure,
and my scope can hardly reach the point
where i may be a locus for calling Thee holy!

Among Thy greatest favours to us
is the running of Thy rememberance across our tongues
and Thy permission to us
to supplicate THee,
declare Thee exalted,
and call Thee Holy!

Excerpt of the Whispered Prayer of the Rememberers
by Imam Zainul Abideen

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